Monday, April 2, 2018

Modern ""Philosophy"".......................

""Philosophy"" nowadays is nonsense. There is no deep thought in it now. It's as simple as that. All you have to do is add a twist to some popular thought or phrase, add a few words like "beautiful" or "wonderful" to make it sound nice, and boom! Philosophy!!!

Below are a few examples I crapped out off the top of my head this morning. Obviously I don't actually think these things, they're just demonstrations.

What if material things are nirvana? What if this ultimate state of knowledge and bliss was right here in front of us the whole time, in the beautiful things in our everyday lives? 

People always talk about learning from Buddha... but what if Buddha actually wanted to learn from you all along? How wonderful is it to think that such a wise teacher as Buddha actually based his whole spirituality and philosophy on learning from the common people around him?

People talk about spirits. Some people say human beings have spirits. Some people say animals have spirits. Some people say that even inanimate objects like the dirt beneath your feet have spirits. But what if the true "spirit" in this world comes from the "spirit" behind our actions? The "spirit" of looking forward and pushing through our boundaries? The "spirit" of motivation to always have an open mind? What if these things are what "spirit" is all about?

Do these sound like meaningless ad-libs to you? Do they still sound nonsensical if I tell you I didn't actually invent these quotes, but took them from famous author Deepak Chopra? ......... Do they still sound nonsensical if I tell you Deepak Chopra didn't actually write any of these, and I just said that right now to trick you, and I actually did just crap them out today?

Yes, every quote above is something I made up...... NOT because I actually think them, QUITE the opposite, but rather by following the same formula all of these crappy ""deep"" quotes follow. They have no meaning. They have no substance. They're just nicely-worded things, with an unexpected "twist" to make it sound like a lot of deep thought went into them, and because they're so simplistic in nature, they can appeal to the absolute lowest-common-denominator. Anybody who wants to look smart, but doesn't want to actually take the time to think about the world around them, can just take these thought-free LIES and apply them to their lives. And frankly I'm sick of seeing them!

And I'm sick of seeing people take this stuff seriously!

Stop letting nonsense like this get into your life and dumb you down all the time! It's not "philosophy"! Stop pretending that it is!

May the TRUE AND LIVING God bless and guide you all, according to His perfect will! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"Gentlemen, Speak Up!"

Hey, so for those who don't know, I have a blog called Unblack Archives. It's meant to catalog/archive unblack metal bands that don't meet more popular metal sites' criteria.

Anyway, I was doing research and found an old -core EP that I wanted to document, but doesn't fit on my other blog, so I just decided to document it here instead.

[Here's the page where I got the info]

"Gentlemen, Speak Up! - Running From Their Lives EP"
Released as a free digital download from Erlösung Distribution (aka "Erlosung Distribution")
Somewhere around the year 2011?

"Finally!  Our new e.p. 'Running From Our Lives' is finished and now available to download for free! It's been a long road, and sadly it's coming to an end.  After this month, we will no longer be together as a band." -Luke, Guitarist of Gentelmen Speak Up

The tracklist, in the correct order, is:
1 Take It... Or Don't
2 Second Star to the Left
3 Don't Leave Your Bags Unattended
4 Moss Always Grows There
5 Adjust Question

Unfortunately, it seems the download link didn't make its way onto So I don't have audio yet.

Monday, March 12, 2018

"The Spider"

The following was not written by me, but taken from []. I just wanted to share it here. [Most of the text below was translated in Google Translate.] The original Portuguese version, "A aranha", can be viewed [here].

Once a man was being pursued by several evildoers who wanted to kill him.
The man, running, turned on a shortcut that led off the road and entered through the bush, and in despair raised a prayer to God in the following manner: "Almighty God, make two angels come from the sky and block the entrance of the track so the bad guys don't kill me!!!"

At that moment he heard the men approaching the trail where he was hiding and saw that, at the entrance to the trail, a tiny spider appeared.

Then the spider began to weave a web at the entrance to the trail.
The man began to make another prayer more and more distressed: "Lord, I asked you for angels, not a spider. Lord, please, with Your powerful hand put a strong wall at the entrance of this path, so that the men cannot come in and kill me..."

Then he opened his eyes, expecting to see a wall covering the entrance, and saw only the spider weaving the web. The evildoers were entering the path where he was, and he was waiting only for death.
As they passed the trail, the man heard, "Come on, let's get on this trail."
"No, don't you see it has cobwebs? Nothing came in here. Let's continue searching for the next tracks."

Faith is to believe in what you do not see, to persevere in the face of the impossible. Sometimes we ask for walls to be safe, but God asks us to have confidence in Him to let His glory manifest and to do something like a web, which gives us the same protection as a wall.

Never get discouraged in the midst of the struggles; move on, for God said, "Tell the weak that I am strong."

It is in the most difficult moments that we find in God our strength.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Astral Projection

I've mentioned this on this blog before, but seriously, DON'T astrally project.

There is no wisdom to glean from it. Everything you experience is entirely subjective and open to interpretation. Any beings you meet that claim to have explanations are unreliable.

It seems way too common for people to think of spirituality as this mostly harmless thing that's just fun to dabble in. That's not how it works. There are not only benevolent beings beyond the physical plane. There are also innumerable demonic forces that are far too happy to lead you by the hand into complete lies and confusion. And no, it's not a matter of "how" you project, or "where" you project "to". It's all the same. The so-called "higher" and "lower" planes are the same thing, dressed up differently. There is Heaven, there is Hell, and there is the physical universe. Everything "in between" is merely part of the exact same spiritual battleground we live in here in the physical plane. You can't "project" to a "plane" where evil forces cannot exist. The alleged "benevolent beings" you encounter in these places are almost definitely the same demons you would encounter in a so-called "lower plane" -- again, just with different appearances.

"Satan disguises himself as an angel of light."

Also, let's be clear about something - the places you project to are also, almost certainly, not real. There are those who claim to project into their own houses, and can look at their own bodies while they project. Make no mistake, you shouldn't try to do this, either, but we'll get to that. The point right now is that you are leaving yourself open to any information at all. Information that could be spoon-fed to you by a demon, just as easily as it could be seen by your eye, or felt by your skin. The spirit is not limited to the five senses as the physical body is, but allowing the spirit to wander outside of the physical body is dangerous, because your knowledge is limited by what you've experienced. There is no way any person on Earth has enough knowledge about the spiritual to wander through it responsibly. With the physical, you have, not absolute certainty by any means, but a reasonable amount of certainty that what you see is what's there. The spiritual does not work this way. You are being led blindly through a place you don't know. You're entirely at the mercy of whatever spiritual force first happens to reach you. And do you think they wouldn't possibly use that ignorance to put illusions in front of you? Do you think they don't have the ability to do that? If you can hear a song in the physical, and be moved to a certain emotion; if you can see an optical illusion where a still image appears to be moving; do you really think the same thing can't be done in the spiritual? Although not limited to the five senses, you can still just as easily be deceived by another spirit that is wiser than you. If a song can evoke an emotion or atmosphere, how much more can the same illusion be created by a spirit that has abilities beyond those of the human body? The places you see; the planes you visit; all of these things are, more likely than not, more illusions created by deceitful forces looking to take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

Going back to the "projecting into your own room" thing, this is still something you shouldn't practice. Even if you aren't leaving earth, you're still leaving your body. You're leaving it open to supernatural influence - the same supernatural influence that you would experience in the so-called "astral", just without a spirit to help struggle against it. It's nothing more than a danger to your body.

Make no mistake, the body is not perfect, and on a personal note, I can absolutely, 100% understand one's desire to leave it. Life would be so much better if we didn't have to deal with hunger or thirst, or carnal desires like lust and gluttony. These are abhorrent, unnecessary, do not yield any wisdom, and are impure. But leaving the body is not the way to go about avoiding these things. The way is simple: Jesus Christ. Because through Jesus, we have the strength of the Creator behind us, working alongside us. And just as you return to your body after projecting, and have to deal again with these carnal things, so does the Christian life also still involve struggling against sin. But Jesus presents a safe way to struggle against these base things, to go beyond basic survival and psychological reward systems. God, triune and holy, guides us so long as we seek Him, and helps us to improve over time. And it's true that God has appealed to reward systems at times; this, however, is simply to convey a complicated message to us in a manner that's easier to understand. It's not to say at all that God is limited to reward systems as our minds are. Quite the contrary, in fact. And of course, for many, the desire to "escape" will still be there. I didn't project in the past just because I wanted wisdom - I did it because I hated living on earth, and wanted to escape to somewhere else. I still often want to escape to somewhere else. But there are ways to go about this without putting your body, mind, and spirit at risk. Escape into a book; escape into art; escape into writing; heck, escape into a TV show, if you can find one that isn't mentally poisonous to you; etc.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all those who practice it have a good understanding. His praise endures forever. Wisdom cannot be reliably gleaned from astral projection, as all so-called "wisdom" is hopelessly intertwined with lies and deceptions that can't possibly be picked apart by oneself. And even then, astral projection still presents other kinds of dangers that should be avoided anyway.

May God bless you all and guide you according to His perfect will! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

"Hated Because of Me" - Matthew 10:22

In Matthew 10:22, Jesus says the following:"and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved."
This verse is a message both of warning and comfort for Christians. Warning us that we will face persecution and hostility in our lives. Not all Christians will be martyred like most of the disciples were, but we will, inevitably, face persecution. However, it seems people sometimes stretch the meaning of this verse. We need to remember, and emphasize, "for my name's sake"

I once saw a clip of a few KKK people at a meeting, reading the above verse from a Bible. One of the guys says, "Sounds like Jesus is talking about us!" The problem there is, the beliefs of the KKK do not line up with the beliefs taught by Jesus. Jesus taught a parable where someone, from a country the Israelites didn't like, was portrayed as the "good guy", while two Israelites were portrayed as the "bad guys". Again, to understand the full meaning of the "Parable of the Good Samaritan", we need to remember that the Israelites viewed the Samaritans in a terrible light, much like how modern groups like the KKK view those of African or Mexican descent. 

This creates a problem. On one hand, it's true that the KKK are hated, almost universally. But see, that does not mean they're living the calling Christ calls us, and them, to live. Quite the opposite. And it's not just them, either. There are a lot of people living lives that run contrary to God's commands. And I don't mean everyday sinners, either -- I mean people who aren't even trying. They would simply rather live their own lives, according to their own views, than learn from God. But these same people will attempt to justify themselves with Matthew 10:22, saying that because they face persecution, they're living good lives. 

Everybody faces "persecution" to some degree in life. Everybody has to deal with hostility, with disagreements, with people who just lack civility. That's the consequence of living in a world with so many different viewpoints. Just because one experiences that persecution, doesn't mean they're saints. And "enduring to the end", sticking with one's beliefs until they die, doesn't mean one is a saint, either. Those who are persecuted "FOR MY [Jesus'] NAME'S SAKE" and endure to the end, will be saved. 

In short, the verse should not be read to mean, "being hated by people means you will be saved". Rather, it should be read as, "believers will be saved, but will have to deal with persecution in the world first."

Take some time and think about this.

May God bless you all and guide you according to His perfect will! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Just Venting

Can someone please just tell me what I'm supposed to DO in this absolutely nonsensical, childish, thoughtless world?? The secular world DOES NOT think about these subjects. Ask ANY of them and all you'll get is regurgitated garbage that they CANNOT BACK UP WITH FACTS OR LOGIC. ALL they have is the same things, over and over, that they hear on Reddit or their favorite astronomer's Twitter account, or whatever, and take to heart, without critically thinking about or weighing against reality.

I've been seriously studying, thinking, reflecting my ENTIRE LIFE. I'm not being facetious or exaggerating when I say that EVERY SINGLE TIME I have a discussion or argument with somebody who is against Christianity, every word they say/write makes me feel like I'm arguing with a toddler. It is SO EASY to disprove, negate every single argument they present.......... but HOW am I supposed to deal with that? There's nowhere for my thoughts to go - they go in one ear and out the other because I'm not arguing on the same toddler-like "HURR HURR BETTUR NOT SAY A KURSE WURD KUZ DA CHRISTCHIN LL HEAR IT N GET MAD LAWLZIES" mentality that it seems the rest of society has. Who reads my thoughts and considers them? Where are seeds planted as a result of anything I say?

I consider lust in the sense of how it affects one's ability to do more productive things; the value of "acting on lust" compared/contrasted with the value of doing something else in the same time frame; how lust is normalized through people's actions and how that affects my immediate surroundings. The world I fight against considers lust in the sense of "HURR KRISTCHINS DONT LIKE ME TOUCHIN BOOBIEZ BUT IM DOIN IT ANYWYA LOLZIEZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! IM SO REBELLIUS IM SO EDGY LOL" or something like, "AS LONG AS IT MAKES PEOPLE FEEL HAPPY THEN IT CAN'T BE WRONG!"

By the way, can people just [redacted] with that insane "if it makes people happy" [redacted] nonsense? I don't know what world these people have been living in, but in the world I live in, it is, indeed, possible to be happy while not actually living in happy circumstances. Deceit; chemical imbalances; living in denial; being unaware of danger; all of these things and more can lead to people being "happy" while not actually being happy/healthy/ what have you.


Oh, and ""sin"" isn't a go-to word for "consensual sex". Keep in mind that "sin" is a broad subject, so every time you advocate for "sin", you are also advocating for theft, murder (WITHOUT a good reason like self-defense), rape, and so on.

I consider evangelism in terms of others' well-being. It is a responsibility of mine to share the message of the gospel because it will lead others away from Hell, and lead to a(n ACTUAL) healthy relationship with God. The world views evangelism as "HEY! YOU HAVE TO THINK THE SAME WAY AS ME! I DON'T LIKE OTHER OPINIONS BECAUSE I'M A BOSSY POO POO FACE!!!"

It's not that I don't ""like other opinions"". Though if you want me to dislike other opinions, whining to me like this is certainly a good way to get me to feel that way anyway! :) :) :) I don't care what other people's "opinions" are. If you don't like harsh noise, I don't care. If you don't like goth culture, I don't care. If you'd rather watch sports on TV than study ancient cultures, I DON'T CARE. If somebody warns you you're about to fall off a cliff, is that person being "opinionated"? No, and so it is with evangelism as well.


I don't get it.

And yes, I DO KNOW it sounds extremely pretentious to be talking like this. I don't need it brought to my attention, I already know how self-absorbed, egotistical, etc it sounds. And I would agree..... IF it weren't REPEATEDLY proven true, MY ENTIRE LIFE. Every single year of my life has proven to me over, and over, and over, and over again how much more I know about these subjects than the people who spit on me over them. Their ignorance is made plain as day, and STILL they cling to their logical fallacies, and stereotypes, and flat-out LIES, thereby proving themselves to be guilty of the exact same things of which they accuse Christians.

This bothers me so often. What am I supposed to do?? Nowhere are these words taken seriously. No amount of research yields anything that people take to heart. No amount of evidence. No amount of flat-out PROOF. Because people just take their opinions and fallacies over actual truth.

Where do I belong in any of this??

I'm just venting.
Consider this a prayer, too.

Monday, January 15, 2018

(SorrowStorm) Commentary on the "Satanic Statements"

The following was not written by me. It's adapted from unblack metal band SorrowStorm's old website (with the grammar slightly amended). It seems Philip/Felipe never got around to finishing the page before the project split up, but I wanted to share with everybody what's on the page, because it's important. The first paragraph tackles the atheistic ""satanism"", while the second paragraph seems to tackle more theistic satanism:

Statement 1-- Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!

Sorrowstorm: Too vague. This does not tell me anything because it is so ambiguous. Let's see what Mr. Dictionary has to say. The word INDULGENCE means: "To yield to the desires and whims of, especially to an excessive degree." All excesses are bad. Any idiot knows this. Water is great, yet if you drink 5 gallons of it in one minute, you will die. This statement mostly applies to things which are considered sins in the Christian faith. Apparently, these people are irked with the church because it "does not let them" indulge in sodomy, for example. Hence, they are felt pressured to abstain from such practices. Their mindset is, "I want to be free and sin all I want to, and not have to be tied down to the Christian religion." Tsk Tsk Tsk, how revolutionary. There is a big mistake with this; indulgence is not only harmful and irresponsible, it's plain irrational. Sodomy, lust, greed, and hatred will not satisfy a person or do any good to anyone; they just crave these things because they are trying to fill themselves with worldly desires and not God. Sure, we as humans do make mistakes and often go to excesses, but to base a religion on such stupidity? The reason I called such a statement vague is because indulgence, when meaning "yielding to the desires of," can be a good thing. You yield to the desires of God and indulge in his presence; yet Satan has the audacity to place such a statement in the minds of humans to create Satanism!?? And abstinence; we all know what this is... and sometimes we hate it. The reality is, the laws of God were established to protect us, and not to burden us. It is a greater burden to suffer from disobeying God than to suffer because of obedience to God. LaVey, however, did not understand this. He simply decided to rebel against God, waste his life dwelling in evil ideologies, and ABSTAINED from pursuing truth. The ambiguity in this is shocking!

Statement 2-- Satan represents vital existence, instead of spiritual pipedreams!

Sorrowstorm: Let me tell you how ridiculous and childish this sounds. I cannot believe that a human being could actually believe and follow this. It is horribly written, too vague, and is completely unworthy of my review. However, for the purpose of deciphering this nonsense, I will say this: How do you get vital life from satan? How do you possibly get vital life from a CREATED being? How can satan fill you and save you? He Cannot. Satan is a perverter and imitator of God's creation. He has tried to pervert and imitate everything, even to the point of giving an EMPOWERING feeling to people who follow his ways. Does satan love you? No. The reason he gives you certain feelings and rewards is to take you away from God. He does a good job of this. The problem is..... Satan demands a VERY big payment... your soul. Not only does he want your soul... he wants to screw up your life in the end (I can attest to this! -NI), and this is why many people do not follow satanism for an extremely long time... because it is a lie, a farce, and a cheat. True vital existence and not just fleeting feelings come from the Creator. OH, and I almost forgot..... "spiritual pipedreams" means absolutely nothing to anyone, just to those who hate God without knowing who he is.