Sunday, February 4, 2018

"Hated Because of Me" - Matthew 10:22

In Matthew 10:22, Jesus says the following:"and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved."
This verse is a message both of warning and comfort for Christians. Warning us that we will face persecution and hostility in our lives. Not all Christians will be martyred like most of the disciples were, but we will, inevitably, face persecution. However, it seems people sometimes stretch the meaning of this verse. We need to remember, and emphasize, "for my name's sake"

I once saw a clip of a few KKK people at a meeting, reading the above verse from a Bible. One of the guys says, "Sounds like Jesus is talking about us!" The problem there is, the beliefs of the KKK do not line up with the beliefs taught by Jesus. Jesus taught a parable where someone, from a country the Israelites didn't like, was portrayed as the "good guy", while two Israelites were portrayed as the "bad guys". Again, to understand the full meaning of the "Parable of the Good Samaritan", we need to remember that the Israelites viewed the Samaritans in a terrible light, much like how modern groups like the KKK view those of African or Mexican descent. 

This creates a problem. On one hand, it's true that the KKK are hated, almost universally. But see, that does not mean they're living the calling Christ calls us, and them, to live. Quite the opposite. And it's not just them, either. There are a lot of people living lives that run contrary to God's commands. And I don't mean everyday sinners, either -- I mean people who aren't even trying. They would simply rather live their own lives, according to their own views, than learn from God. But these same people will attempt to justify themselves with Matthew 10:22, saying that because they face persecution, they're living good lives. 

Everybody faces "persecution" to some degree in life. Everybody has to deal with hostility, with disagreements, with people who just lack civility. That's the consequence of living in a world with so many different viewpoints. Just because one experiences that persecution, doesn't mean they're saints. And "enduring to the end", sticking with one's beliefs until they die, doesn't mean one is a saint, either. Those who are persecuted "FOR MY [Jesus'] NAME'S SAKE" and endure to the end, will be saved. 

In short, the verse should not be read to mean, "being hated by people means you will be saved". Rather, it should be read as, "believers will be saved, but will have to deal with persecution in the world first."

Take some time and think about this.

May God bless you all and guide you according to His perfect will! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Just Venting

Can someone please just tell me what I'm supposed to DO in this absolutely nonsensical, childish, thoughtless world?? The secular world DOES NOT think about these subjects. Ask ANY of them and all you'll get is regurgitated garbage that they CANNOT BACK UP WITH FACTS OR LOGIC. ALL they have is the same things, over and over, that they hear on Reddit or their favorite astronomer's Twitter account, or whatever, and take to heart, without critically thinking about or weighing against reality.

I've been seriously studying, thinking, reflecting my ENTIRE LIFE. I'm not being facetious or exaggerating when I say that EVERY SINGLE TIME I have a discussion or argument with somebody who is against Christianity, every word they say/write makes me feel like I'm arguing with a toddler. It is SO EASY to disprove, negate every single argument they present.......... but HOW am I supposed to deal with that? There's nowhere for my thoughts to go - they go in one ear and out the other because I'm not arguing on the same toddler-like "HURR HURR BETTUR NOT SAY A KURSE WURD KUZ DA CHRISTCHIN LL HEAR IT N GET MAD LAWLZIES" mentality that it seems the rest of society has. Who reads my thoughts and considers them? Where are seeds planted as a result of anything I say?

I consider lust in the sense of how it affects one's ability to do more productive things; the value of "acting on lust" compared/contrasted with the value of doing something else in the same time frame; how lust is normalized through people's actions and how that affects my immediate surroundings. The world I fight against considers lust in the sense of "HURR KRISTCHINS DONT LIKE ME TOUCHIN BOOBIEZ BUT IM DOIN IT ANYWYA LOLZIEZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! IM SO REBELLIUS IM SO EDGY LOL" or something like, "AS LONG AS IT MAKES PEOPLE FEEL HAPPY THEN IT CAN'T BE WRONG!"

By the way, can people just [redacted] with that insane "if it makes people happy" [redacted] nonsense? I don't know what world these people have been living in, but in the world I live in, it is, indeed, possible to be happy while not actually living in happy circumstances. Deceit; chemical imbalances; living in denial; being unaware of danger; all of these things and more can lead to people being "happy" while not actually being happy/healthy/ what have you.


Oh, and ""sin"" isn't a go-to word for "consensual sex". Keep in mind that "sin" is a broad subject, so every time you advocate for "sin", you are also advocating for theft, murder (WITHOUT a good reason like self-defense), rape, and so on.

I consider evangelism in terms of others' well-being. It is a responsibility of mine to share the message of the gospel because it will lead others away from Hell, and lead to a(n ACTUAL) healthy relationship with God. The world views evangelism as "HEY! YOU HAVE TO THINK THE SAME WAY AS ME! I DON'T LIKE OTHER OPINIONS BECAUSE I'M A BOSSY POO POO FACE!!!"

It's not that I don't ""like other opinions"". Though if you want me to dislike other opinions, whining to me like this is certainly a good way to get me to feel that way anyway! :) :) :) I don't care what other people's "opinions" are. If you don't like harsh noise, I don't care. If you don't like goth culture, I don't care. If you'd rather watch sports on TV than study ancient cultures, I DON'T CARE. If somebody warns you you're about to fall off a cliff, is that person being "opinionated"? No, and so it is with evangelism as well.


I don't get it.

And yes, I DO KNOW it sounds extremely pretentious to be talking like this. I don't need it brought to my attention, I already know how self-absorbed, egotistical, etc it sounds. And I would agree..... IF it weren't REPEATEDLY proven true, MY ENTIRE LIFE. Every single year of my life has proven to me over, and over, and over, and over again how much more I know about these subjects than the people who spit on me over them. Their ignorance is made plain as day, and STILL they cling to their logical fallacies, and stereotypes, and flat-out LIES, thereby proving themselves to be guilty of the exact same things of which they accuse Christians.

This bothers me so often. What am I supposed to do?? Nowhere are these words taken seriously. No amount of research yields anything that people take to heart. No amount of evidence. No amount of flat-out PROOF. Because people just take their opinions and fallacies over actual truth.

Where do I belong in any of this??

I'm just venting.
Consider this a prayer, too.

Monday, January 15, 2018

(SorrowStorm) Commentary on the "Satanic Statements"

The following was not written by me. It's adapted from unblack metal band SorrowStorm's old website (with the grammar slightly amended). It seems Philip/Felipe never got around to finishing the page before the project split up, but I wanted to share with everybody what's on the page, because it's important. The first paragraph tackles the atheistic ""satanism"", while the second paragraph seems to tackle more theistic satanism:

Statement 1-- Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!

Sorrowstorm: Too vague. This does not tell me anything because it is so ambiguous. Let's see what Mr. Dictionary has to say. The word INDULGENCE means: "To yield to the desires and whims of, especially to an excessive degree." All excesses are bad. Any idiot knows this. Water is great, yet if you drink 5 gallons of it in one minute, you will die. This statement mostly applies to things which are considered sins in the Christian faith. Apparently, these people are irked with the church because it "does not let them" indulge in sodomy, for example. Hence, they are felt pressured to abstain from such practices. Their mindset is, "I want to be free and sin all I want to, and not have to be tied down to the Christian religion." Tsk Tsk Tsk, how revolutionary. There is a big mistake with this; indulgence is not only harmful and irresponsible, it's plain irrational. Sodomy, lust, greed, and hatred will not satisfy a person or do any good to anyone; they just crave these things because they are trying to fill themselves with worldly desires and not God. Sure, we as humans do make mistakes and often go to excesses, but to base a religion on such stupidity? The reason I called such a statement vague is because indulgence, when meaning "yielding to the desires of," can be a good thing. You yield to the desires of God and indulge in his presence; yet Satan has the audacity to place such a statement in the minds of humans to create Satanism!?? And abstinence; we all know what this is... and sometimes we hate it. The reality is, the laws of God were established to protect us, and not to burden us. It is a greater burden to suffer from disobeying God than to suffer because of obedience to God. LaVey, however, did not understand this. He simply decided to rebel against God, waste his life dwelling in evil ideologies, and ABSTAINED from pursuing truth. The ambiguity in this is shocking!

Statement 2-- Satan represents vital existence, instead of spiritual pipedreams!

Sorrowstorm: Let me tell you how ridiculous and childish this sounds. I cannot believe that a human being could actually believe and follow this. It is horribly written, too vague, and is completely unworthy of my review. However, for the purpose of deciphering this nonsense, I will say this: How do you get vital life from satan? How do you possibly get vital life from a CREATED being? How can satan fill you and save you? He Cannot. Satan is a perverter and imitator of God's creation. He has tried to pervert and imitate everything, even to the point of giving an EMPOWERING feeling to people who follow his ways. Does satan love you? No. The reason he gives you certain feelings and rewards is to take you away from God. He does a good job of this. The problem is..... Satan demands a VERY big payment... your soul. Not only does he want your soul... he wants to screw up your life in the end (I can attest to this! -NI), and this is why many people do not follow satanism for an extremely long time... because it is a lie, a farce, and a cheat. True vital existence and not just fleeting feelings come from the Creator. OH, and I almost forgot..... "spiritual pipedreams" means absolutely nothing to anyone, just to those who hate God without knowing who he is.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Thoughts

Just wanted to give a shout-out to all those who are going to be working on Christmas. Some of you genuinely need to work on Christmas, such as doctors/nurses. Illnesses and injury don't take holidays! Some of you probably don't need to work on Christmas, but your boss is a ....... an individual, whose soul we should pray for, so they're sending you into work anyway. Meanwhile some of you simply don't have anything to do on Christmas, for whatever reason that may be. I want to give a "THANKS" to all of you. Your work will probably seem thankless tomorrow, but it isn't. You're playing a very important part in things, whether it's something as "small" as filling a tank of gas for someone who's going to visit relatives, or something as big as saving someone's life, your work is very much appreciated.

So, Merry Christmas to: 1) everyone who happens upon this post, and 2) everyone who still reads this blog, lolololololololol sorry I haven't been posting much on it lately. Remember it DOES NOT MATTER if Jesus was or wasn't born on "December 25th", Jesus was BORN, and DIED and ROSE for us. May God bless you all and guide you according to His perfect will! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Oh, and don't get drunk on Christmas.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"Multiverse" Stuff

1) If a multiverse consists of infinite possibilities, then shouldn't there be a universe wherein people found a way to break through the boundaries of their one single universe, and then irreparably destroy the multiverse? If so, how are we still here?

The only explanation I have there would be, maybe people somewhere else found a way to retroactively prevent it from happening, but first, that would create a cycle of "but then these people found a way to stop THAT, and then THESE people found a way to stop THIS"... and second, eventually that cycle would have to stop. Either the multiverse would be damaged to the point it couldn't be reverted back to what it was, or it would never reach that point in the first place. And if there are infinite possibilities...?

2) If the Mandela Effect is real, why does it only happen with small things we'd otherwise never notice? And yes, I'm aware of the argument that "universes near us are similar to us, the universes that are radically different are too far away to collide with us". But think about it. Take the Berenstain Bears for example. It's practically standard for names like that to end with "-stein" because that's how German surnames work. Plus it was written in cursive, so it'd be easy for people to make a mistake like that naturally. Why don't we have these minor changes in less psychologically explainable ways? Like why doesn't the word "like" suddenly change to "leke"? Why doesn't "Google" suddenly change to "Goqgle"? The lowercase "o" and "q" look similar enough that something like that should definitely be taking place.

Please note, none of the above is based on Scripture at all, it's just thoughts I've had recently and needed to get out there.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017, Notes from a Theological Point of View

I wanted, and felt led to, create a post outlining some advice about Halloween that you may not read other places.

1. HALLOWEEN IS NOT INHERENTLY "EVIL" AND IT IS TOTALLY 100% OKAY FOR CHRISTIANS TO CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN. I have no idea how this idea got started, but it's complete legalistic lies. While Halloween may have started out much darker than its modern counterpart, that version of Halloween is NOT what we talk about when we say "Halloween". The "Halloween" we celebrate today is about decorations, candy, costumes, and so on. There is an emphasis on fear, but it's fear generated from ultimately "safe" things. That is, it's all smoke and mirrors, props, tricks purposely set up for entertainment purposes, etc. If you want to get technical, you could say Halloween is a little on the materialistic side, but eh. If you feel convicted by that, feel free to adjust your celebrations accordingly. If you feel convicted by Halloween in general, don't celebrate it. In fact, the only thing I would advise all Christians against is costumes that are purposely meant to be sexual. We are to avoid the sin of lust, and to avoid provoking others to it. Keep Halloween safe for all ages.

2. Do not EVER mess with the supernatural. While Halloween is primarily about "ghosts" made of cardboard, or bed sheets, what have you, there are those who do take the supernatural element seriously. And contrary to popular dismissal of such things, the supernatural is 100% real, AND can interact with us directly. HOWEVER, the supernatural is not inherently good. When you communicate with a foreign spirit, you do not know what spirit you are talking to. You don't know its intentions, its true identity, its true personality, etc. Remember that spiritual beings are not limited by the physical -- they may very well be able to obtain information that can impress you, or give off the impression of being a certain person, etc. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. I can speak from personal experience, they CAN and WILL lie to you in some way. Do not use ouija boards. (And don't just scoff at this and say ouija boards are "just toys", spirits can still communicate with us through them regardless of the intent of the companies that produce them.) Do not try to cast spells. Don't use witchcraft, candles, recitations, or any other conceivable "occult" thing to try to engage the supernatural. One thing I've learned for sure over the past several years is this: there are spirits that are for God, and spirits that are against God. And the ones that are against God (which you will 100% always attract with occult practices) will lie to you, infiltrate your life, mess with your head, give you just enough knowledge and supernatural events to keep you interested, and lead you down a path of confusion and bitterness. Also, never trust anything the aforementioned spirits say to you. Their word is not final. Just as you can lie, just as anybody else can lie, these spirits can lie as well. And if you're the type of person to use incense candles and medieval spells on Halloween to try to ""summon"" the occult, well.......... let's just say, you're probably pretty naive when it comes to this stuff, and they know that, and will use it to the fullest extent of their ability.

3. Do not sacrifice black cats or... whatever. See the above paragraph for reasons why you shouldn't interact with the kind of spirits that encourage you to sacrifice cats. Also, this is worth noting too, spirits are not bound by your actions. If you make a pact with a spirit, or "command" that a certain spirit do something, that spirit is under no obligation to follow through with it. Sacrificing a cat will do nothing, unless the spirit wants it to. Perhaps something will happen, but even if it does, it will ultimately be turned around to hurt you in some way, too, and you will be made to pay for it, and you will be led down the same path as I mentioned in the previous paragraph. These spirits would do what they planned to do anyway, no matter if you sacrificed a cat, or solved a Rubik's Cube in a graveyard while whispering "M-... Mr. Spirit? C-Could you do a thing for me please?", or ate some McDonald's by a bus station while uttering incantations with your mouth full of french fries, and so on, and so on. It's about the INTENT of your actions, not the actions themselves. And given the consequences you WILL face when messing with these kinds of spirits, your best bet is cliched, but true, regardless -- turn away from them altogether, and turn to God, through Jesus Christ. Your debt has already been paid. Your only objective now is to accept it, and prayerfully walk the path of truth.

3.5 Black cats are not "bad luck".  Neither is breaking mirrors (even though you shouldn't do that anyway for obvious reasons), neither is stepping on cracks, and so on. "Luck" is not a thing. "Luck" is not how God has created our universe to operate. Black cats are simply like any other cats, with different genes so as to have black fur instead of white, gray, orange, brown, neon green, and so on. While again, yes, there are spiritual and supernatural elements to our world, "luck" is not one of them. So step on cracks as long as they're safe, pet black cats as long as they don't have rabies or something, etc.

4. Be safe and have fun. Watch out for shady people. Keep track of your kids. Don't get drunk and act irresponsibly. And so on.

God bless you all and guide you according to His perfect will! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

"But ... But the NWO Promotes Peace!"

Peace as a concept is good. Jesus even says, "Blessed are the peacemakers". But just because the consequence of something else is peace, doesn't mean that thing is automatically good as well. For example, if the only reason you're in a state of peace is because (for example) you're being sedated against your will, is that still "good" just because it yields "peace"? No, and likewise, the NWO's "peace" isn't good, either.

The NWO's frequent talk of "peace" comes from words and vague concepts that sound good on paper, but are then mixed in with other ideas that are ultimately more dangerous than they appear. "A little leaven..." The idea of various races and cultures working together, for example, is a fraction of the NWO's agenda. And despite what some far-right and alt-right ""Christian"" nationalists/racists would claim, there is nothing wrong with this. This idea, in and of itself, is entirely harmless. Race (from what I understand) comes from where one lives in relation to the equator. Darker-skinned people tend to live closer to the equator, and lighter-skinned people tend to live further away from it. That's it. There is nothing that should inherently cause conflicts between other races -- ESPECIALLY according to the teachings of God. Likewise, just because different cultures do things slightly differently doesn't mean one is more wrong or right than another. The Bible, inspired by God (a culturally impartial deity), should be our measuring stick for righteousness, not our own personal upbringings. The Greeks were not Israelites, and yet managed to join the church along with the Hebrew apostles. I'm no expert in the cultural aspects of ancient Greek or Israeli culture, but I feel pretty confident assuming both were quite radically different things. I do know, of course, that Greek culture emphasized philosophy far more than the Israelites did.

The problem is when these harmless ideologies are tied into harmful ones. The idea of a "one world religion" probably sounds good to those who aren't very dedicated to any one side, especially those who are just soooooo tired of "all the wars they heard were caused by religions". The problem is, there is a spiritual side to the concept of "religion". Religion is not the same as philosophy, though the two can certainly work hand-in-hand. Philosophy is a worldview. Worldviews are not objective, impersonal phenomena. Worldviews can change with time. Religion is one's spiritual interactions and studies in the physical world. Religion cannot simply be deconstructed and pieced back together in the same way that philosophy can, because religion is based on objectively existing phenomena, that still exist even when you stop thinking about them. Either there is a Hell where unbelievers go, or there is not. Either our souls are reincarnated, or they are not. Either we can project ourselves into other dimensions, or we cannot. Our beliefs on these things can differ, but at the end of the day, religion is more of a science than a philosophy. A science of the spiritual. Our hypotheses can differ, but ultimately, one is right, and the others are wrong. To imply that these hypotheses should be melted together (rather than studied and either proven or disproven to the very best of our ability) not only demeans the concept of "religion" on a moral level, but objectively misrepresents its core concepts.

Mohammed, who denied Jesus' equality with God, cannot sit side-by-side with Jesus Himself, who taught that He was divine (but simply did not regard it as something to be exploited for His own benefit). Buddha, who was either agnostic or atheist, cannot sit side-by-side with Mohammed or Jesus, who both insisted on the existence of a deity. This isn't because Buddha and Jesus were hateful bigots who sought to bring down others through force, using their "beliefs" as a shield for their boiling hatred of others, but rather, because there is an ultimate truth to all this -- an ultimate truth that exists regardless of who talks about it or makes hypotheses about it (this needs to be stressed). And "religion" is not merely opinions. Religion is the study of an ultimate truth. The NWO attempts to paint religion as a matter of opinions, but it's not. People may have opinions about religions, but this is no different from secular science, where hypotheses are always being proposed and tested, and theories are being challenged. Science still seeks an ultimate truth in the physical world regardless of the opinions of scientists, and likewise, religion still seeks an ultimate truth in the spiritual regardless of the opinions of religious people. Can "religious people" technically work together to discover that ultimate truth? I suppose, to be completely objective, there is a theoretical possibility that this could occur, but it'd be a waste of time. The truth has [already] [been] [revealed] [in] [full].

Note my previous statement is not meant to be taken as one of intolerance or dismissal. If it weren't for the existence of demons, Hell, and so on (which exist regardless of whether I choose to "believe in them" or not), I really would not care if somebody were a Buddhist or Hindu or Zoroastrian or what have you. But for reasons that I fully admit are beyond my current understanding, God has chosen to create Hell, and people will be sent there. This is not my "worldview", this is the truth. If you want my personal worldview, we could go into the semantics that Romans 14 tells us are not very important, like my belief that it's okay to eat meat. My belief that Christians should NEVER speak in "tongues". My belief that literally any theological work outside of the Protestant Bible (including Catholic apocrypha etc) should be taken with a grain of salt. My belief that the "sacred traditions" of Catholicism and Orthodoxy are vain, pointless nonsense. These are all a mix of philosophy and study of "religion".

But the NWO would have us believe that the very core basis of these things is, in and of itself, a fluid concept, and ultimate truth should be compromised for the sake of "peace". But in promoting this "peace", two main criticisms immediately come to mind:

1) It's as I said at the beginning of this post -- just because something yields peace, doesn't automatically mean it's good. In forsaking truth and the objective consequences of our spiritual interactions, in favor of avoiding conflicts with others, we cancel out one danger only to replace it with another. Not doing one's homework on the spiritual can yield very dangerous consequences in both this life, and in the next life. The spiritual cannot be ignored because discussion of it causes disagreements -- I can attest to this myself. (Note that post is NOT a complete account of everything I went through.) We NEED to have these discussions and we NEED to learn about the truth, otherwise a much more dangerous force than mere conflict will be able to take hold of our lives and our souls.

(Note also, it is not my intent, nor is it most other people's intent to cause disagreements through our insistence on the pursuit of objective truth, but there are those who cannot accept disagreement and will turn it into a matter of serious contention -- even to the point of war -- rather than one of civil discussion. These are the ones who ultimately cause the problems, not those of us who merely bring the points up. (If we're speaking in a human sense. If we can speak in supernatural terms, it's the demons who tempt humans to wrath. Nevertheless we should still not give into their temptations, and are guilty of our trespasses unless we seek forgiveness through Jesus' sacrifice.))

2) It's quite hypocritical of the NWO to be talking about "peace" in the first place, given their influence over governments. Think about all the wars waged in the name of human greed, of human power, of natural resources, and so on. "Peace" can then be thought of as more of "complacency" than actual "peace" when it comes to the NWO's agenda. ............. And this (already very significant point) is only what I feel comfortable accusing them of publicly, to say nothing of the other, even more serious allegations that have been raised against the NWO by conspiracy theorists. I won't say what those allegations are, though I'm sure most people reading a post like this are already aware of the sort of things I'm referring to, but even if those are somehow not true, the NWO has no place to be talking about peace, regardless.

May God bless you all and guide you, according to His perfect will. In Jesus' name. Amen.

PS. Why would they promote "peace" at St John the Divine, when they have a statue of Christopher Columbus? Somebody who MANY (myself included) do NOT want honored because of how horrible of a person he truly was.

PPS. Unlike many conspiracy types, I hold as little ill-will toward the NWO as possible. I pray for those involved in the Illuminati and so on, that they would see the error of their ways and learn of the true joy and peace and knowledge found in the righteousness of God.