Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I've left behind the esoteric and occult nonsense that used to plague me, I've accepted Jesus as my savior, but even today, even though I do not face punishment from God any longer, I still get punished by my own mind for it... Simple things like certain roads, even sunsets and certain kinds of scenery make me think of those things. Important note: I don't want, for even half of a second, to go back to them. I know what they do, they feel bad, and God has changed my life for the better in so many ways since I gave it all up. However, I'm still reminded of it. A scene may remind me of a negative band's album cover, for example. I hate feeling like that. I want to be able to enjoy simple creativity, simple nature scenes without being reminded of spiritual negativity. I want to be able to see again what other Christians see in nature, and I can already fully perceive it, I just have trouble seeing it through my memories, but I know it's there.

Don't make the same mistakes I did. Don't get sucked into it. Ideology does matter. You're not proving anything by listening to evil music. It doesn't make you cool, it doesn't make you "brutal". It may seem better than popular Christian music, but there are many Christian bands* with similar sounds to those bands, who are equally enjoyable. If you are a Christian but find evil bands singing about subjects with which you agree (especially spiritual ones) don't embrace it; find the flaws and change them. Nature worship is poisonous, paganism is poisonous, esotericism is poisonous, it's all bad in the end. It doesn't matter how good it sounds, either. The point is the deeper element: the spiritual element, their intent. Christian black metal may sound vicious, it may challenge the best and fastest-playing artists in the rest of the scene, but it's generally not "malicious". It's subtle, but there's a fundamental difference in songs depending on the spiritual state and intent of the artist(s). You need to realize it. I am not a fundamentalist because the church told me to be one. I am not a fundamentalist because I hate gays and black people and foreigners and whatever you want to say, which I don't. I believe 100% in the Bible because in light of my experiences, and my reflections on life, and God's influence, I now see that there is no other choice, and I don't want another choice, either. I've seen the other choices, and I'm not happy with any of them.

* Here are a few Christian bands who play styles that may be relevant to this blog, note that there are definitely more than I'm linking here:

folk/viking/ possibly black - Slechtvalk, Arvinger, Oskord, Holy Blood, Vard√łger, Requiem Eternam

post rock - The Sleep Design

black/war - Armageddon Holocaust, Verdelger, Devotam, Edificador, Wintersoul, Primitive Church, Soterion, Desmodus Rotundus, Horde, Hortor

symphonic black - Divine Symphony, Mercy, La Chambre Ardente, Beeroth, Dark Lay Still

ambient/atmospheric black - Vials of Wrath, Usynlig Tumult, Dark Woods, Phanerosis

DSBM - Forgotten Sorrow, Heztael, Hated, Cryptic Rising

doom - Evangelist (epic doom), Magnifiqat (gothic folk/doom)

other bands of interest: Torches in the Void, Winter's Dawn, Thy Fiery Haze, Elgibbor

heavy/power: Cold Embrace, Santuario, Emerald

death metal: Becoming the Archetype, Crimson Thorn, Disencumbrance, Obliteration, Metanoia

Industrial: Kirche Gothika (harsh industrial/metal), Mental Destruction (industrial/dark ambient)

God bless you all, as always.
2 Peter 3:9 "The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I'm always surprised when I hear about the pasts of certain Christians. God has clearly worked fantastic things through these people.

Fire, from Elgibbor and Fire Throne, used to smoke, drink, do drugs, and practice satanism and black magic. He's now one of the most prolific people in the Christian black metal scene. Not to mention, he makes some great music now. "War" is one of my favorite black metal albums.

I've heard of several occultists turning to Christianity, both in metal and otherwise. That's understandable; when you witness spiritual things at work, and you get sick of all of the negative forces dragging you and your life down, what other choice do you have? You already figured out, albeit the hard way, that higher forces are at work. Just turn to the Holy Spirit! 

Another unblack metal musician to whom I've spoken also said he was involved in drugs and alcohol before accepting Jesus into his life.

As I learned earlier, there are apparently several people who used to be in the porn industry who became Christian, and now speak out against the industry, which is even more corrupt than you think it is.

Someone in a comment I saw on an article one time mentioned how they used to be involved in gang violence before turning to God.

And these are just a few examples in the plethora of people whose lives have been transformed by the Lord. A lot of people think Christians are just people who are raised in a church and just decide not to question it. There are tons of people whose stories are the complete opposite of that, and it is astounding how much God can transform them. God has clearly chosen such people for great things.

There are even more accounts like this in "The Metal Bible". Normally I would never advertise on this blog, but the whole thing (or at least most of it?) is completely free to read in the link above (legally!), so if you're not convinced of the power of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, take a look at this. May God continue to bless all of those people who have been changed by him, and may God bless you, too.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Small rant

Ack. This is why I don't enjoy speculative spirituality as much as I used to. I've been talking to a few people lately who have spiritual beliefs pertaining to things that the Bible doesn't seem to directly address. "Oh no, you have to think for yourself!" Well, it's not quite that simple. I don't simply "think for myself" with these matters, I think about them logically and objectively.

God is infallible, the Bible is God's word to us (this is logically sound - I do not simply believe blindly), and so the Bible can be trusted with whatever issues it addresses. Anything else requires objective thought (and prayer).

But there are so many accounts speaking of different things that need to be considered. People all have different ideas of different things, and there's not much telling which ones are valid and which ones are not. God can guide us personally to the truth of such matters, but the problem doesn't end there.

What if the other person isn't receptive to information contrary to their own ideas? Surely I'm not to simply lie or roll with something that may be wrong. But I also don't want to be the sort of religious person who's anxious to call people out on being wrong - I know very well how badly such things go; I don't enjoy being told what to do or think, and neither do they.

It's research with unimaginable amounts of sources claiming all different things, and trying to form an objective opinion on them. The end result is always turning to God. He knows what the objective truth is, and can guide me, and you, to it. The problem is, others may not take so well to it, and I still struggle in how exactly to deal with such things while staying true to my own belief system, the teachings of God.

I suppose what gets me the most is that these people are my friends. I am friends with some people who have very strange and largely esoteric beliefs. I understand these people, and their thoughts, even if I do not always agree with them, but I'm still somewhat confused about what to do when they do point out something with which I disagree. I don't want to be forceful, but I want to point out the fallacies in their logic. I don't want to be disrespectful, but I know it often seems that way.

I suppose all I can do is pray about it. God knows everything - He also knows what I should do in these situations.

I just wanted to rant about this. I hope and pray that readers get something out of this anyway, though. God bless you all. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sign the petition for Andy Hall


Natural Fruit Ltd are a pineapple company in Thailand that are responsible for, quote, "labour rights violations including child labour, passport confiscation, forced work, violence and abuse" .

Andy Hall called them out on this, and is now being punished for it, including possible jail time and a fine, depending how the trial goes.

More info is located on the petition page itself. Sign the petition above and call for action.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Coolest Album Art 3 - "Ocean Dynamics" by Dol Ammad

Dol Ammad's early-mid material is full of cool artwork, but this one has always by far been my favorite.

It's an ocean with the night sky above it, made in fractal form. The fractals match the electronic aspects of the album - it's operatic, epic, symphonic metal music with plenty electronic influences and beeps and boops. It works very well, considering how good that idea does not sound on paper. "Thalassa Dominion II" and "Solarwinds" are amazing (and "Solarwinds" influenced one of the band's songs, "Winds of the Sun" on a later album, which is one of my favorite atmospheric/epic songs of all time.)

The concept of the album is a fantasy story pertaining to space and the ocean, which also goes along well with the cover art. The music at points may be a little more "colorful" than the artwork implies, but overall it's a pretty good idea of what you're getting.

Also, did anyone else notice the cover art (minus the stars) is repeated in the fractals in the water?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Conspiracy Theory Stuff

A random thought today: what if Linkin Park's song "A Line in the Sand" is about some group with a negative agenda like the Illuminati?

There were allegations for a few years about Linkin Park "going Illuminati", and that's a pretty understandable thing to suggest, keeping in mind a lot of the symbolism in their videos and lyrics since around "A Thousand Suns". This new album has much fewer symbols like that as far as the lyrics go, and the imagery seems to have softened up a lot, including a facebook icon surrounded by smoke on a white background, almost suggesting the "fire" has gone out, that the darkness has left, that they've quit the negative stuff. I can't say that's the case for sure of course, or in fact that they ever started it, but that's what seems to be suggested here.

The main point here, though, is the lyrics to this specific song.

A line in the sand,
Between yours and mine,
And it came, like fire from below,
Your greed led the call,
My flag had to fall,
But little did you know
Another day, your truth will come,
You're gonna pay for what you,
Pay for what you've done,
You'll get what's yours,
And face your crime,
You'll tell them give me back what's mine
Give me back what's mine!

Note the fire simile. In "A Light That Never Comes", they seem to speak positively of fire, and of a flood (see next verse). In this song, however, they speak negatively of it, comparing the fire with their enemy/enemies.

They surrendered to the greed, but it seems they're aware  that those greedy people will pay someday.

I ain't never been a coward,
I ain't never seen blood,
You had sold me an ocean,
And I was lost in the flood,
We were counting on a leader,
We were driven by need,
Couldn't take temptation,
And we were blinded by greed,
You were steady as a sniper,
We were waiting on a wire,
So we never saw it coming,
When you ran from the fire,
You can try intimidation,
Or you can try to ignore,
But when the time comes calling,
Yeah! You are gonna get yours!

Note the flood reference, as stated before, used in a disparaging context, not a positive one as in previous song(s). Again, they were blinded by greed and the tricks of manipulative people, but clearly something has shown them the truth of the situation. I'm not honestly sure what "when you ran from the fire" means. 

Today, we stood on the wall,
We laughed at the sun, we laughed at the guns,
We laughed at it all
And when they, they told us to go,
We paid them no mind, like every other time,
But little did we know...

This puts the band in a specific scene, rather than just talking about the past as the other verses do, seeming to show their independence from "them" and the past they caused the members of Linkin Park to have.

Something else interesting is this part of "Keys to the Kingdom":

No control! No surprise!
Tossed the keys to the kingdom down that hole in my eye
I'm my own casualty! I fuck up everything I see, fighting in futility!

Eyes are a symbol of the Illuminati, and this seems to suggest the band's regret for the negative influences they allowed in their music. 

I don't know if any of this is true, and I'd imagine most people reading this don't care too much about conspiracy theories, but it's something to think about, I guess.

Edit: If a YouTube comment I found is telling the truth, I was actually mostly correct! 
. . . On SiriusXM Octane, Mike Shinoda (song writer and band member) did a special about the concepts behind The Hunting Party. Really, the whole album is about how they sold themselves out just for greed and fame, and realized it got them nowhere and they were unhappy with what they were doing--therefore, they went back to their roots to get back what they needed and have fun with their music again.

There's also this from Wikipedia:
Shinoda had originally produced and recorded demos, which continued the sound of A Thousand Suns and Living Things,  . . .  In a Warner Music interview, Shinoda stated that "I was listening to the stuff I was making, but, for the most part, I listened to it and then I was like, 'This is not what I wanted to stand behind for the next album; I don't even believe in this music. This is a mistake; I don't like what I'm making'. I kind of went backwards into the process and scrapped all of it and started new stuff".

 God bless, as always.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Let's Talk About How Christianity Is Not Repressed

It's often said that Christianity is not repressed, even in today's society. Isn't it? If statistics are to be believed, over 1/7 of the world belongs to the Christian faith. The problem is, a lot of this isn't true Christianity, but rather people believing in God, but choosing to stay in their sin, or adopting beliefs that are non-Christian. Outside influences often shape people's faith, and many have no problem going against the teachings of God and Jesus and adopting views that the world teaches. Some say, "How can those people do that? Stand against the world, and lean on God." I agree with that sentiment, but in those people's defense, it can be pretty hard to do in a world like this one!

Let's take a recent news article. You could do this with the entire media, from TV shows, to articles, to movies, to video games, to music, but this one specific article highlights basically everything repressing about this world. News articles are meant to be neutral regarding information, correct? I'm not saying they need to favor Christianity, only that they do not unfairly discredit it. The Huffington Post recently, however, did just that.

Keeping in mind Fair Use, let's discuss the subtle, yet glaring, bias on display in the article.

Louie Gohmert used an equation to prove that there is a creator.

 Gohmert did not elaborate on how he leapt from something to nothing to everything to the "Lord we know" rather than to, say, a Flying Spaghetti Monster.
That's true. The equation doesn't prove Christianity specifically, only that there is a creator. Still, that proves that there is a creator, a point which is ignored for the rest of the article. This is pretty significant news, guys. For such a significant discovery, it's not getting much note. Also, take careful note here that he didn't just reach that conclusion, he leapt to it, like a whimsical child leaping through the meadows. Wording like this is prominent in subtly-discrediting media outlets like this.

Gohmert also neglected to explain who would have created the Lord he knows, or whether the Lord created Himself before He existed.
 The Lord he knows. Some will say that that wording is the Huffington Post avoiding religious bias, but in fact, the tone here is quite mocking. The mention of the flying spaghetti monster in the first quote does the same thing; showing a neutral viewpoint, but suggesting a mocking one.

After this, the last three entire paragraphs (almost half of the article) are spent on a completely unrelated note, discussing him yelling at somebody over beliefs not related to the equation at hand. Even in the unrelated parts, they manage to mock him:

. . . the tea party conservative asked Lynn, who disagreed with Gohmert’s narrow perception of Hell. 
The Tea Party is not popular in the general public, nor is conservatism in general, so it's only  natural that associating him with those things would make him seem less appealing. They also point out his narrow  perception of Hell. The narrow-minded Tea Party nutjob conservative with imaginary spaghetti monster friends made a claim, then went on a yelling spree about the eternal punishment nonsense again.

This is what the article is actually saying. No, I am not paranoid. Messages like this are in plain sight all over the media. Yet the existence of a creator has basically been proven with something as simple and worldly as math. Nothing plus nothing does not equal everything. Instead, a news outlet meant to be neutral spent the entire time reporting on this fact to mock Christianity.

By the way, I know some will see this and think, "Who cares who mocks Christianity? It's a nonsense belief anyway!" Those people should care deeply about this. If it's wrong to be biased against Atheism, it also is wrong to be biased against Christianity. This is one of the basic tenets of human compassion (not to mention the will of God), that true information should be spread, it should be done fairly, and that nobody should be unfairly mocked in the process, and it is happening to your fellow man. A creator may have been proven a few days ago, and the media is trying to hide this fact with mocking undertones. Remember, just because a fact favors Christianity, does not mean that it should automatically be discredited.

May God bless you all with objective truth, including Christians who are being misled by today's media, so that the world's bias may fall from you like water, dropping from your mind and heart, to the ground, and disappearing from you in the warmth of light. Amen.