Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Dresser. Hear!

There's a dresser in my bedroom. It's wooden (and it seems to be real wood) and the handles are made in some fancy design. I don't know what they're made of, but they're painted/colored gold. (It's not real gold.) I didn't purchase this dresser. My family's had it since I was young - perhaps even before my lifetime.

Where did this dresser come from?

It came from the people who made it, no?

But how do I know it was made by someone? How do I know the dresser didn't just appear one day by itself? I won't believe that it was actually made by a sentient being unless I see it with my own eyes.

We could ask my family. I don't know how old the dresser is, but someone in my family most likely remembers where they purchased it. Where did it come from, though? From where did that store get the dresser? From a distributor, most likely. Unless they made it by hand. But there are several materials here (for example, the drawers themselves aren't made of wood on the inside - they're made of something else) so it most likely isn't handmade - they most likely got the dresser from a distributor.

Which distributor was this?

We could probably, much to the inconvenience of the people at that store, if it's even still open, go through their papers from years ago and figure out which distributors they were dealing with at the time.

But that doesn't prove that the dresser was made by someone.

You say, "But it's clearly written on this paper in their books that it was sent out from this distributor, and it came from this factory! Stupid Christian, what more proof do you need?"

But I don't care what's written in a book - I want proof that this dresser was made by somebody. We could go to the original factory where the dresser was allegedly made - if it's still there - and inspect the place. We could, much to the inconvenience of the people trying to work there, check out all of the machinery they use to make their products.

You say, "Well, we've seen the factory, and the machinery within it. We even saw the machines make a dresser similar to the one you have. The dresser clearly originated from this factory. Stupid Christian, what more proof do you need?"

But I don't care about that. Sure, there's the possibility that the dresser came from this factory, but there's no proof that it did.

You say, "Look at the dresser itself! Look at all the details in it. You can clearly see that this didn't just appear by chance. There's so much evidence here that this dresser was designed by somebody. Look at all of the precise edges on it, look at the decoration around the edges at the top, look at the fancy design on the drawer handles, look at the drawer sizes - they all match! Do you think that's just a coincidence? Look at the smooth surface of the top of the dresser, look at the beautiful designs cut into the bottom of the dresser, did they get there by random chance? Look at the pieces and how they're all so carefully assembled. If you think this dresser wasn't clearly made by someone, I don't know what to even say anymore. Christian, what more proof could you possibly need?"

Do you understand yet?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lyrics 14

Written in 2015. The "OGD" in the song, is the "Organization and Guidance Department" - big wigs in the corrupt, self-serving, anti-Christian, bloodthirsty government of North Korea.

Jesus can be seen in North Korea
He walks downtown with his friends
Their money, combined, buys them a small meal
They eat it in a house

He blesses the meal, and they eat
They finish up, and Jesus stands bravely
They hear a knock at the door, from the authorities
Because a disciple forgot, and left his Bible outside

Forever is a long, long time
You can't last, you can't last
Forever is a long, long time
Repent! Repent!

The OGD thinks their reign will last forever
Never taking the time to see
The teachings that they ban tell of them
And their sad fate on Judgment Day

Forever is a long, long time
You can't last, you can't last
Forever is a long, long time
Repent! Repent!

When a Christian breaks the religious laws of Korea
Punishment is dealt
The Christian is punished for a day
But the OGD is punished forever

Prison camps will fade and break
The Christian persons will be saved
Their punishment will cease when God takes them
But the OGD's will have only begun

Forever is a long, long time
Here you'll last, here you'll last
Forever is a long, long time
Repent! Repent!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Metal Archives Post

I'm writing this so my profile isn't cluttered with it. This is just to reiterate that I won't be active on Metal Archives. My heart is being guided elsewhere now. Ever since I finally, finally decided to let God take the reins in my life (rather than guiding myself between Him and esotericism), there's been a kind of clarity in my life that I'd never thought possible. As such, I truly feel God is guiding my heart somewhere, and in order to carry on with this, I really need to stop updating a metal website all the time.

God specifically kept me there until I got HB (a Christian band) taken off the blacklist. Even when I was making the post, I admit I was skeptical. In the days waiting for my post to be reviewed, I kept thinking, "I don't know, God, I don't know if this post is really going to go well. I'm not really sure if it's worth keeping me in this spot in life for this." I was reassured of it in my heart, though. And they were indeed approved, just as God assured me!

After years of effectively using metal and its scene as a crutch in my life, it's time to experience other things in life. Which I've slowly, slowly been doing for awhile now, but I need to go further with it now. Metal is still my favorite genre of music, and I still plan to make metal (or at least metal-based) music, but I'm not going to be as active in the scene at large anymore. I don't even usually call myself a "metalhead" anymore, because I just like so many other styles, too. (Dubstep, rap, filmscore, pop, noise, industrial, electronic, country, rock, and more!)

I'd like to be more active in the brony community (maybe even brony music scene?) We'll see what God says, though.

And remember, you DON'T have to leave Metal Archives, or the metal community at all, to be Christian. Just accept Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, to blot out your sins (we've ALL sinned), and repent. (You'll mess up and sin again anyway, even if you don't want to in your heart, but you can ASK for forgiveness and OBTAIN it!) This is a direct invitation to any of you who are reading this. I would ideally like to see every single user on Metal Archives in Heaven.

In the meantime, it's not like I'm just leaving you guys behind, or something. First off, I was never active in the community anyway, only in updating the database. Second, that's not my intent at all - I'm still available if you need to get in touch for any reason. Here --> imperialkodnarok AT gmail DOT com 

God bless.

However, there are still a few things left undone on there, and you may be able to help. I need proof (pictures of albums, a place that's selling albums, an official download from bandcamp or something) for the following Christian bands. If you have any, please send them to [[[ imperialkodnarok AT gmail DOT com ]]] Here's the list: 

- Bellor (USA)
- Bereshith Elyon (Brazil)
- Crushed Serpent (Thailand/Malaysia)
- God Enthroned (Ecuador)
- Hazael (Brazil)
- Hipostenias Mefistofélicas (Brazil)
- Kissing the Crown of Thorns (Jordan)
- Kvaldar (USA)
- Nordic Wolves (Peru, later became Rito perpetuo)
- Nuclear Blaze (USA? I think?)
- Rito perpetuo (Peru, started as Nordic Wolves)
- Taking Authority (Argentina)
- Thy Providence (Honduras)
- Timōrātus (USA)
- Pulcro (Brazil)
- Unblack Star (Brazil)

(Please don't go crazy looking around online, or anything. I've already searched online a lot. Plus, I think a couple of these bands are actually still working on their demos. But if you happen to have a copy of one of these bands' demos or something, then get in touch.)

Thank you for any proof you can provide, and God bless! I'll still be writing on this blog. I'll probably have another post soon. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lyrics 13

Probably some of the darkest lyrics I've ever written. Darkest in the sense of being unpleasant, that is. From late 2014, well after I quit the occult stuff. Clearly, I was kinda frustrated when I wrote these. A different perspective on occultism than what some other black metal musicians describe.

Frosted, bereft, and hollow dimensions
Awaken in malevolent action in a portal of vomit
Spiritually piercing cries resound from polluted chasms
Eerie faces and glowing malignance permeate sickly hopelessness
Emitting nonsense words in dimensions of nightmarish fantasy
Old, dusty, empty screams echo from abysses of false sunlight

Painted as beauty, deathly poison spews from hollow orchestras
Mouthpieces of mindless hatred attempt to consume a flock
That will defeat them all! 

Fires spread from hateful mouths, vomiting lies of blasphemy
Raising stars and horns of their own adversary
Donning bullet belts and axes to wage war
On the hand which extends out to them! 

Frosted, bereft, and hollow dimensions
Awaken in malevolent action in a portal of vomit
Spiritually piercing cries resound from polluted chasms
In nightmarish fantasy! 

 Altering reality subjectively, creating lies through astral feces
An air of occult death hovers over metal
Don all the inverted crosses and medieval weaponry you like
Describe the gore you wish on us
You are lost in the lies of demons

Astral portals of vomit and empty death poison the souls
of those who seek them, mentally disturbing and physically

sickening their propagators, sadness, puking, hating, dying

In an attempt to consume a flock that will defeat them all.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Room to Improve (Unblack) Part 2

With all glory to God, I just remembered one more thing I wanted to add to the first "Room to Improve" post. And remember, these two posts are directed to the unblack scene specifically, so this may not apply to everyone.

I feel we should stop lumping certain secular projects into the scope of unblack metal. This isn't about the people, but bearing in mind that "unblack" is an ideology, and not an actual genre of music, we should stop associating certain bands with unblack metal music. Gaoth Anair isn't a Christian project. Taur Nar Fuin isn't a Christian project. Wapenveld isn't a Christian project. I won't actually tell you to stop listening to such bands, and this isn't meant at all to be a diss to anyone -- although from past experiences I've extensively gone into here before, I do personally recommend you limit your exposure to secular music -- but it's just a matter of associating the music with unblack.

Also, there's just something off about bands that were specifically signed to E.E.E. for any period of time; there's an inner darkness that I just feel. E.E.E. was, apparently, never meant to be a "Christian" label, though they did release a couple Christian bands' albums over the years. One album; eh, whatever. Even Elgibbor and Requiem Eternam each had an album released by them, and those two bands are awesome, and still Christian today. But there are a lot of "Christian" bands that were signed to that label for a longer period of time, that turned out to be from various false converts who fell away, and there's a lot of darkness in their music. Again, not that I think at all that we should just throw people aside or something, quite the contrary, I've had a very friendly conversation once with one of the guys who runs that label when I was fixing data for him on Metal Archives, and for all I know, he might even be reading this right now. I invited him to some time ago; I don't know if he's still reading the blog today. Does this blog actually have regular "readers" in the first place? With how sporadic views are, I'm not sure if it actually has any or not.

I would like to repeat, yet again, that I'm not writing this out of hard feelings for any secular artist. This is very important. We're meant to follow Jesus, who did not come into the world to condemn, but to save, so when we discuss things like this, it should be out of devotion to God, and love for others. I'm NOT saying we need to kick anyone out of some special unblack metal club. I'm not saying we're all going to a party somewhere, and just not inviting certain people because they won't make for fun company, or something. (Many people are invited, they just decline the invitations.) I'm saying the scene just needs to make this one distinction, between what's Christian music, and what isn't. We're specifically called not to be conformed to the world, and to distinguish God's will, and the unblack metal scene is a great way for those of us who like extreme music, and for those of us who were once in darkness, and for those who are still learning to leave the darkness today, to still fulfill this verse in Romans. In this regard only should we stop associating some music with the scene.

This is partially why I like the South American unblack scene so much. Many of the bands there are very outspoken in their extreme sound and lyrics, but it's out of true devotion to God, and there's such a sense of community there, and those two things are ideally what I think (based on the Bible) God wants out of the entire unblack scene. There are churches in South America based on Christian metal. For those who don't have that, we still have the scene online; we can still talk to each other and listen to music that lacks the darkness many of us once felt so deeply while worshiping our Creator.

If you're truly someone who can listen to darker music and not be affected by it, go ahead, I suppose, though I do warn you, I used to think the same thing and I ended up in a very bad place as a result; I wouldn't take chances. Ever. But what I'm saying is that we have a responsibility to care for this scene we have here, for and through God's glory and grace, and as such, the scene needs to make this distinction. I, personally, don't listen to bands that have since fallen away - I can't stand the darkness I always feel in that music. Again, not out of disrespect, but out of spiritual need. I listen to some bands whose members began in darkness, but righteousness was sown in their hearts and they now serve God with their music instead (Malakh, Elgibbor, Edificador, and many more). Thus, I won't listen to a band that fell away, where darkness was planted, but just hadn't grown yet. This scene has yielded so much good for so many people... So many who were into that very darkness, making music about it even, have come to God and have been saved through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross because of the invitation this scene extended to them. Let's continue it now, let's keep making the scene even better for God's glory and purposes, and, if God will allow it, do these things for a long, long time to come. Amen.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Why does this blog get sporadic amounts of views? This blog could go a week, and get maybe 5 views, but in a single day recently, it got over 100. Why does that happen?

Anyway, I just wanted to point out a concern I had. I went to a certain doom metal band's page on Metal Archives recently, and they were listed as having Christian lyrical themes. Which I found to be strange, considering the side project I knew one of the band members had, but whatever. A glance at the lyrics revealed lyrics with Biblical symbolism, and discussion of certain Biblical events, which is fairly common in doom metal as I understand, but anyone who's actually familiarized themselves with the relevant passages would see that this clearly wasn't a Christian band. (Their souls should be in our prayers)

So I corrected the "lyrical themes" section.

I often used to think that most people had already familiarized themselves with scripture, and just didn't listen to it, but it's becoming increasingly clear lately that this isn't the case at all. A lot of people actually don't know... much of anything about the Bible. They have all these complaints about, for example, things the church does, never realizing they're actually often the same complaints God Himself has about the activities of the church. Not that pointing this out does a lot (though it's still worth doing).

But it really hit me when I read that band's lyrics. I won't say the name of the band, or write down any of the lyrics here, but were these lyrics, that clearly contradicted the Bible, really being mistaken for Christianity?

We've really got to get on the ball with this. Before this, I had no idea the situation was actually this bad. You could argue that it might have only been the person who added the word "Christianity" there, and everyone else just skipped over it, or something, but even one person is still too much when we're talking about eternal life and the word of the very Creator of the universe.

Keep this in mind. God bless you all according to His perfect will. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Lyrics 12

More lyrics from the notebook. Not the greatest, but the message is still relevant:

The church is becoming increasingly accustomed to appealing to modern beliefs for the sake of appearing intelligent to the non-believers. Respectable to preserve social relevance of Christ's name, but the means by which it is done are not; compromising beliefs in favor of following the deceptive shepherd of science. Many believers now say the world came to be through evolution (Genesis 1), sexual abominations are justifiable (Leviticus 18), various rules on marriage (Matthew 19:1-12), or that work on the Sabbath is forbidden today (Luke 10:1-5)

The way to bring a respectable reputation to our beliefs is to stick to our guns, and not blindly adhere to what humanity simply says is true, but to wisely adhere to what the Maker, existing before the beginning of the world, has said is true. 

This is written at the bottom of the page: John 12:35-36, John 12:41-43