Monday, August 24, 2015

Lyrics 16 - "Tenebrae"

I don't remember when I wrote these. On Maundy Thursday one year. These were for a funeral doom project called "Tenebrae" that I never properly started. They're all short, so I'm just going to post the whole thing here.


Through my sins and iniquity
I'm guilty of the shame
That was brought upon this world
But they spat on Jesus' name


For the forgiveness of sins, He died
He suffered on the cross so that we wouldn't have to
All we have to do is accept it and its light
And we will be saved
"Believe in God, believe also in Me."
"Do the will of my Father."
Judgment will come, but because of Christ, mercy can be bestowed on us. We can be forgiven. And join He who lives forever.


A man came to save this Earth
They wanted Him crucified
So they hung Him on a cross
This world's best friend has finally died

The One who loved them the most
They left, to remain misled
So they hung Him on a cross
This world's best friend is finally dead

He wanted to protect them
We wanted to stay in the wrong
No more He's a stumbling block
Your best friend is finally gone.


Do not forget that it is not over. There is still a world out there that needs saving. The same force that put the Son of God on a cross is still out there, attempting to crucify us every day. Go in peace, win in strength, and have faith in God.

Lyrics 15

A couple words on this page are pretty hard to read. I wrote over a lot of words in this and some of the handwriting is just really bad.

In the dark castle of esotericism
A few peek out the window, and see the blood moon
The blood moon calls out for its creatures
Dark-winged beings encircle it, waiting for the people below
But they won't be answering it tonight
Tonight, their hearts are needed elsewhere
The spell books are burned, wizards' incantation falls flat
The magic won't take any more tonight

Beings of Truth come into the dream
And empty the river, and silence the scream
Crushing the symbols written on the door
The liar moon won't take any more

They stuck to our psyche, left us all alone...
I'm not taking you away, I'm guiding you back home

The visions and dreams of those of the false
Those who light fires and worship the elements
Scented dreams by the book of spells
Those unaware of the way that they lead
Stuck in time, and stuck by the visions
See how, the path you took led to pain
Gentleness waits beyond the wrath of the fire
There's something greater beyond

Light of the Pure, the love you had sought
The compassion in which you were brought
To give it all up, to begin the path out
In the Son shine brighter, no moon here, without

Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's 2015

When talking about being "progressive", people like to use the phrase "it's 2015". That makes no sense, because time moving forward doesn't inherently necessitate progression. Surely you've heard about the studies done with McDonald's food! That stuff sure isn't changing when you leave it sitting on a countertop for five months.

Besides, others seeking "progression" in society were probably saying similar things back in the 1400s, a time most reading this probably know nearly nothing about because it was already so long ago.

But it also doesn't make sense for a different reason. Now, "slut shaming" is a phrase that exists now. The idea is that according to society, men can have sex as often as they want, but women should not. The Bible addresses this issue by pointing out both genders should abstain until marriage. Some people, however, seek to have this reversed; rather than both genders abstaining, both genders would be allowed to have sex frequently without consequence. The Bible says there are consequences because it's sin, and science says there are consequences because of STDs, but hey, at least there won't be a stigma anymore and it won't be totally embarrassing. So the idea here is that "slut shaming" should stop since "it's 2015". 

People also say this when talking about homosexual relations. We could debate all day about whether the Bible condones same-sex marriage or not, even though it's pretty strongly implied that it doesn't, but one thing the Bible makes undeniably clear is that no matter their marital status, people of the same gender should not have sexual relations. Some people then turn around and say, "It's 2015! They should be allowed to do that if they want."

Now, a quick note here, keep in mind that all of us are sinners, not just the aforementioned groups. God also commands us to love our neighbors and not be unrighteously angry. So do NOT hate a homosexual person or a "slut"; pray for them and show mercy.

But back to the topic at hand; the fact that the Gregorian calendar says it is 2015. In such discussions, sometimes people will also point out that we're "not cavemen". The implication of course is that cavemen are more primitive and we've moved on beyond that. I think we're all aware of the difference between cavemen and today's society. Or are we?

The thinking behind these statements is that since "it's 2015", we shouldn't restrict our moral code to what's in a single text. Sure, that makes sense, unless the text is true. I haven't plugged this post in awhile, so: [Skeptical About Jesus?] There are also constant scientific discoveries being made that the mainstream media doesn't talk about; I'm not about to go track those down, but you can look them up if that'd interest you. But I personally don't use science to defend anything.

The guidance of the Holy Spirit guides us to a more civilized state; I used to get in fistfights with other people. I don't do that anymore. I used to curse like a sailor (as the expression goes). I don't do that anymore; still a word comes out once in awhile, but I've pretty much stopped. I used to hate most of the world and tell people to "go to Hell". I don't do that anymore, either.

So my behavior used to be quite primitive. It's also more "primitive" to seek the right to have sex with multiple people, or people of the same gender, or anything other than what God ordains. On one hand, people will complain that by saying this, I'm "repressing their natural desires". While on the other hand, they'll say that "it's 2015 and [I] need to stop living in the dark ages".

Well, for one thing, I stopped living in the "dark ages" when I stopped fighting people because they did things I didn't like, which pretty much characterized the dark ages in mainstream memory. But that's beside the point. The two aforementioned statements are contradictory. "Progression" in society wouldn't necessitate un-Biblical freedom with regard to sex; it'd necessitate a more reserved and controlled take on it.

It's 2015; we're not cavemen!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Possible Warning?

Well, not a warning for everyone, but apparently for some people.

Now, "spirit guides", as most understand them to be these days, are usually actual spirits, but certainly not the kind of spirits you want "guiding" you. They are, in fact, demonic/negative/evil spirits looking to deceive you.

Back when I used to communicate with spirit guides, there was always one with which I communicated more than any others. I really don't want to go into it for a number of reasons, but the basic point I want to make here is, this evil spirit appeared to me in visions in the form of a blue, female dragon. Now, I'm not talking about Saphira from the Eragon movies, though they do look fairly similar. I'm talking about a spirit.

Even when I used to listen to and communicate with this spirit, I noticed something strange in my conversations with others. It appears I was not the only susceptible one who had met this spirit.

A friend of mine dreamed of having his own pet dragon. He believed in things... similar to what I did, though not exactly the same. And when I described some of my visions to him (thinking I could trust him to handle the information objectively; I was unfortunately incorrect), he was surprised by my description of this spirit with which I'd communicated so closely. In his wishes for a dragon, he wanted one that looked exactly like what I saw in those visions.

Still another person with similar beliefs... Well, I always wanted to meet such people! And I sure did... Anyway, some time later, I met another person with similar beliefs to mine, which I am still keeping intentionally vague, but when I described this spirit, he claimed that he too had met it. Not just any "blue dragon", but this specific one.

I'm aware that some would have seen this as validation, and for a short while I did too, but I'd already read an article from "A Walk Through the Kingdom" (I HIGHLY recommend it! Read it [HERE]) which made me really reconsider a lot of the experiences I'd had. And the very next day, when I was going for a walk and typically would have had this spirit accompany me, I instead told it to just leave me.

So this is very odd. I don't know how common it is for people to encounter this spirit, but apparently it's more common than one might think. If you're someone who has encountered it, I strongly urge you to COMMAND it to leave you immediately, in the name of JESUS CHRIST! (It's not original, but it's true, as the internet would put it!) This spirit, like most demons that try to hide the fact that they're demons, may appear friendly. It may appear beautiful. But if you are dealing with this spirit, it is nothing more than a liar sent out by the devil.

And in fact, if you are dealing with anything like "spirit guides" or anything of the sort, they too are liars sent by the devil. I urge you to command them to leave you, as well, in Jesus' name! Jesus is the only way to God the Father, and God is the only one who is good. Take it from someone who's been in a similar place to where you are now. These spirits may seem beneficial to you now, but they're not, and life is so, so much better without them. The only spirit you need in your life is the Holy Spirit, from God Himself, which gives you truth, instead of lies.

God bless you all and guide you all according to His perfect will.

PRAY for protection! Faith makes them back away [quick note on that], but let God shut the door on them.

In Jesus' name. Amen. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Like a Penis

Now THERE'S a headline to get a few people curious, haha... Wow Nocturnal, you're a Christian but you posted the word "penis" on your blog? Now what could be the meaning of this? 

Well, now, everyone, let's all sit down and talk a little.

I hope that introduction was as cringe-worthy for you to read, as it was for me to write. Something straight out of a 90's classroom VHS tape.

But enough of this 90's classroom VHS shenanigans.

I've been seeing headlines for the past couple days about a female runner who had her period while she was running in a marathon, or something. The idea was to raise awareness about "period shaming", something both conservatives and liberals seem to agree doesn't actually exist in most of the countries that have a free enough press that they'll publish things about this.

Now, going off-topic for a second, don't think for a second that I'm unaware of that "religion is like a penis" saying. The saying goes that "it's okay to have one, it's okay to be proud of it" (interesting fact: pride is a sin) "but it's not okay to whip it out in public" etc etc.

Now, that makes no sense at all, because if Christians didn't "whip out their" beliefs in public, all the charitable work that God instructs us to do, wouldn't be done, and all of the people who were saved because they heard the word, received it, and went to Heaven, would not be there. (Believe!) Meanwhile, instead, whipping out your genitals in public in a place where people clearly do not want to see them is a lewd sign of perversion. And while a Christian shares their beliefs out of caring for others' well-being, exposing yourself does NOTHING to help anyone!

But the point here is the hypocrisy. The aforementioned flawed saying about religion being "like a penis" is widespread on the internet.

Yet there are people defending this woman for imposing her well-meaning beliefs by having period blood run down her leg.

So religion is "like a penis" ... but period blood isn't?