Friday, December 12, 2014

... Temptation?

I see the devil is tempting me again. I've decided to admit recently that I'm a brony, and it doesn't stop at the backlash. No, I've only gotten one or two negative comments that don't even bother me really.

Let me explain. In watching My Little Pony, it just puts my mind in a nice place, you know? Thoughts of friendship, of harmony, of good triumphing (which will soon happen anyway!), all real and completely plausible things, which such... "direct" exposure, shall we say, makes me want to bring about in my surroundings. Couldn't the world use more of those things? And yet they are largely absent from my environment, even moreso than usual. Even more than usual, I want to isolate myself, and not talk to anybody. Even more than usual, I want to be left alone, as many people around me continue to annoy me, to an even greater scale than they did mere months ago.

Do you really think that's all coincidence? I've said it to a few people now, this world is truly operating with supernatural influence. There is no other way the world could be like this. I'm a musician, but you have probably not heard any of my music. Do you know why that is? Part of the reason is that... well, I deleted my only demo recently for personal reasons. Another reason is that every time I want to make music that will genuinely glorify the Lord, I am tempted to go do something else and not work. This throws off my schedule, and kind of just disappoints me anyway. At any rate, no work gets done. Why?

If I were a physical creature that acted solely on mental impulses, thus did not have a soul and was not influenced by souls as the secularists persistently insist, would the dedication I have to my idea of God not just compel me to work even harder, convinced that, like a dog searching for food, it's just what "needs to be done"? Would temptations, distractions from my work, threats to my work, not simply just get a GRUNT, GRUNT from me, as I escaped from them, keeping at what I needed to do? What force could possibly compel me away from something that I hold as closely as my faith? I consider my faith even more important than food, than water, even though I do obviously consume both. Under those conditions, my mind being convinced of it, I should be standing at my keyboard and recorder, guarding them like a rabid wolf! How dare anybody or any thing or any thought try to distract me from them, no?

And yet that does not happen! The reason is simple: there is another voice in my head. It is not my mind, because my mind is busy being a rabid wolf, remember? There is another force at work, that is subtly nudging me, and the people around me, to do certain things. It is NOT all biological impulses or instinct left from the fairytale of evolution.

Going back to my first example, I want to be more isolated, right around the time I am being more inspired to show kindness. People are frustrating me more, at a time when I sometimes, just sometimes, actually feel happy. Why do you think that is? It's because it's those same supernatural forces at work.

What other logical explanation could there be, anyway? This situation of distractions and temptations doesn't just happen to me, understand - you know it happens to you, and it happens to the other seven billion or so people in this world.

Could a world that was not influenced by spiritual forces, inciting temptation or raining blessings, leading us to them and influencing changes in our world, really operate like the one we have? Do you really think that every single instance of this happening is coincidence? That all of our distractions which seem more prominent during important times in our lives are all coincidence? If you want to think logically, which most secularists seem to want to do, do you think it's logical to claim that a world rife with examples like this is really not being influenced by something higher?

On an ending note, do you really think it's coincidence that these conveniently-timed distractions and temptations all lead to the same things that God, the God of Christianity, abhors, while ignoring them leads to things that God loves? Do you really think that ancient people who didn't even understand simple racial equality would have been capable of inventing a belief this closely-knit with the real things we experience every single day?

God bless you all, according to His perfect will. In Jesus' name. Amen. 

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