Thursday, April 2, 2015

Maundy Thursday

How did it reach this point? Couldn't we have repented before God's own begotten Son had to be crucified over it? What kind of people are we, that we're so irresponsible that someone else entirely had to come in and be killed on a cross to pay our debt for us? What kind of shameful people are we that we really couldn't handle righteous commands from God, and that Jesus had to come in and take care of the situation for us? What kind of persons are we, that our actions are so bad, that the way to serve justice for them is never-ending punishment? Being tormented in fire, and screaming, and agony forever?

We sinned, and God heard us out. There were so many chances to repent, and we still didn't.

The good news is that, despite our sin, Jesus did pay that debt, and when we accept His gift of salvation, God won't hold us accountable for the things we've done and probably will do.

There's also a certain relief in being able to admit how guilty we are, humbling ourselves enough to acknowledge that we do need Jesus.

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