Friday, October 23, 2015

Hillsong Church and Bethel Church

Hillsong Church and Bethel Church both don't teach God's actual word. They may teach parts of it, but then distort it with all of the other nonsense they do and say. It's pretty common knowledge that both of these false "churches" should be avoided at all costs, but clearly there are still a lot who don't know, too! I'm not going to make an extremely long post about this. I'll just give a couple quick examples of what's wrong with them. Let's start with Hillsong.

I know nothing about that site, but it gives a pretty good example here!

"Pray[ing] for an impartation" isn't something God wants us to do. It doesn't help that on top of everything else, it's an impartation of Joyce Meyer's teachings, a few of which I've heard, and... don't like very much! (Here's a random link about that.) But that's not the point. Anyway, let's say you were talking about sound doctrine instead of random lies. You might instead pray that someone can be opened to the truth, to receive it - praying for God to do something for someone. It may sound similar to what Caine was doing, but it's not the same. At all. Oh, and you don't have to lay your hands on something in order to pray about it, either.

Oh, and you don't "catch" truth, either. You learn it.

Another thing about Hillsong is that they apparently teach speaking in tongues. What the Bible means by "tongues" is "languages". Languages that are already established. What Hillsong mean by "tongues" is speaking in nonexistent languages that appear to actually be gibberish. That's demonic, too. I used to speak in a tongue. That wasn't a gift from the Holy Spirit; it was the lies of demons. A trick, meant to confuse me. In my case, it was used to affirm other spiritual lies I had come to accept at the time. It was never once used to serve God, or glorify Him at all. Nowadays, I refuse to ever speak that tongue again. I refuse to even share examples of it, because it's demonic. I'm not sure how to get this across anymore clearly. It's directly demon-influenced, and Hillsong are promoting it in their so-called ministry.


Now for Bethel. Let's just go with one quick example for them. Did you know that, according to them, Jesus asked someone else for forgiveness one time? It's even someone at Bethel church!

Your tone of voice and nonsense rationale don't fool me!

I'm sure there are others like these two, but they stand out the most, and they're full of false teaching, occultism, and direct slander against God. These may be "churches" by definition, but they're not churches of God. They may claim they are, but they're not. This stuff is crucial to understand. False teachings abound in this world. I once fell for similar teachings, and now it's important to show others the truth regarding these lies. In fact, there are many, many more things wrong with Bethel and Hillsong than I mentioned here, but I just wanted to give a couple examples. In fact, the examples here already show how severely misguided the people at those churches are; further examples aren't even needed. But you can look up more examples if you want. They're not hard to find!

May God bless and guide you all according to His perfect will. In Jesus' name. Amen. 

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