Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Alt Right / Left

I want to briefly talk about a concern I've been having lately. I'm sure if you use the internet often enough to find out that this blog even exists, you already know about the impact the SJW movement is having on society / internet culture.

While I, like many people, respect many SJWs' claimed motives, but disagree with many of the things they've actually done and said over the years, my concern here isn't actually with them very much.

My concern is what I've seen in internet comment sections.

When a group comes along and panders to people, or tries to appeal to a very sensitive, and easily-hurt group of people by censoring something, the far-right will come along and make comments that, in comparison, make a lot of sense. Their comments often (though not always, of course) come from a more calm and logic-based perspective.

However, my concern is that with people seeming to take note of this, it seems like more people are starting to lean more toward the far-right, or the "alt-right" as some have started calling them. Personally I don't really care for the term, but we'll use it just so the message is clear. What's crucial to note in all this, is that just because the "alt-right" isn't full of censorship or extremely sensitive people, doesn't mean that they're right. Many people can speak in a reasonable manner; any person can make a few correct observations about life - it doesn't automatically mean that we should accept their stance on everything else. Many core principles of those claiming to be "alt-right" directly contradict the Bible, in the same way that what they oppose also often contradicts the Bible. Now, can one be "alt-right" and be a Christian at the same time? Technically, yes, since the "alt-right" doesn't have any official doctrine of its own yet. In theory, one could be an "SJW" and be Christian as well. But the racists / supremacists in the alt-right movement? Those individuals' ideas contradict Biblical teaching; refer to the parable of the good Samaritan; and to Leviticus 19:33-34; 1 John 3:15; Galatians 3:28; etc.

The alt-right is not a solution to the problems in our society. The movement may reverse the censorship brought on by the SJWs, but at the quite severe cost of bringing its own problems into the picture. It isn't a "solution". Neither one is. The solution is to look at issues Biblically - to not look to our own understanding, or our own movements to solve problems, but to look to God Himself for advice, and for help. Acknowledge that liberalism has flaws. Acknowledge that conservatism has flaws. God does not. Only in looking to Biblical teachings can we truly "progress" as a society. All else will fail, and is already failing all around us.

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