Tuesday, June 13, 2017


ALWAYS be cautious of teachings that change small details in your beliefs. If you can be convinced to accept one teaching that goes against scripture, the devil WILL use this to "kick his foot in the door", and try to feed you more false teachings. It WILL spiral out of control. I'm saying this as someone who has experienced it in the past. It never seems like a big deal at the time, but it is. If the devil can convince that say, it's "bad luck" to walk under a ladder, the devil will convince you that other things are "good/bad luck" as well, and "luck" isn't even an actual thing in the first place. God does not work in the world based on "luck". This is just one example, but you get the point. Always be on guard. Read God's word and always be cautious of things that seem to contradict it. Do some serious research on those things before you even consider them, and pray for guidance and discernment.

I just wanted to make a brief post about this.

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