Friday, July 7, 2017

Just Ranting / Calling Out the False Arguments of Sin

[This post gets more calm/rational as it goes. I know it starts out rough. Just bear with me.]

Sin often seems to come with this smug little sense of superiority, like someone's a special little world-changing revolutionary just because they like things their parents call "wrong". Guess what, that doesn't make you special or different or revolutionary! It just means you experience what almost literally every single human being throughout ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY has experienced! I can't name one person who has the same opinions as their parents (EVEN IF they share the same basic beliefs), or doesn't argue with their parents from time to time, etc. "Oh, but I can!" Good for you! Still doesn't make you a special case!

Did you know that sinners like to sin? GOLLY GEE WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED HAHA! I mean, me personally, I've always HATED to sin, I have no idea why I used to so it, and that's why one day I just randomly stopped doing it altogether and push my opinions onto other people all the time for fun hahahahaha! :))))))))))))) Oh wait, that's not the case at all! It seems like some people genuinely haven't considered that Christians also sin AND sometimes revel in it even though they/we shouldn't. Guess what, they/we do! Oh but wait, doesn't that make us hypocrites because we speak out against sin but still do it? NO! Because WE are not the ones who declare sin wrong, GOD IS THE ONE WHO DECIDES THAT. All we have done is acknowledge that sin is wrong and the negative effects it has in the world, etc and encourage others to seek the same truth. And although we sin and do not always immediately regret it, we are given Godly sorrow (2 Corinthains 7:10 and 11) thus God convicts us and teaches us right from wrong along the way.

I love when people say "Don't push your way of life onto me!" This statement proves the emotionally impulsive, and logic-deprived nature of sin. By telling me not to push "my way of life" (or whatever) onto you, guess what you're doing? Pushing YOUR way of life onto ME. If you really believed people should be able to do whatever they want as long as [insert vague individual rules here] then you should readily accept that I push "my way of life" onto people, because it's what I want to do. Even though "my way of life" is a misnomer since it's not my way of life it's God's way of life, but anyway. You should accept that this is what I want to do. Thus proving the logically bankrupt nature of this secularist way of thinking. It makes no sense. It's something that can only be applied based on personal subjective rules that come with so many conditions, they can't be applied in a universal context.

Oh, and "as long as it doesn't hurt anyone". Don't make me puke. Sin DOES hurt people. If nothing else, it hurts the person doing it. Do I even need to explain the medical implications of wrath? It puts stress on your body and mind / raises your blood pressure / etc. Same with jealousy. What about sloth or gluttony? Well, what about obesity? Not to talk about appearances - it doesn't matter what you look like, no, and to some obesity is even very physically attractive, but that doesn't change that obesity is still unhealthy regardless. With sloth, you don't exercise your muscles at all, and with gluttony, you run an increased risk of diabetes, and with both, an increased risk of heart problems. What about lust? Time and time again, just ask ANY person who has struggled with porn addiction (I HAVE MET MORE THAN ONE) and they will tell you about the depression, the tiredness, the feeling of just being weak and having extremely low self-esteem, the lack of motivation to do anything, the list goes on and on.

Overall the extreme and unmatched lack of self-awareness when it comes to sin is DISTURBING to me. We're not talking about some complex philosophy, we're not debating the finer points of soteriology or something like that, we're talking about facts that are in plain sight and can be observed and processed by almost any human being, yet this borderline frightening lack of self-awareness leads people to have these flawed, nonsensical, hypocritical, self-righteous, self-defeating, and frankly, SILLY thought processes that just anger and sadden me. PEOPLE ARE CAPABLE OF MORE THAN THIS! Why won't you see it?? ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ACKNOWLEDGE THAT IT'S WRONG AND TURN TO JESUS. NOT EVEN "REPENT", BECAUSE GOD WILL HELP YOU REPENT. ALL YOU NEED TO DO RIGHT NOW IS ASK. Is your reluctance to look at something besides sin, your reluctance to look at [historical] [facts] really worth all this???

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