Friday, July 11, 2014

Let's Talk About How Christianity Is Not Repressed

(Note 24 August 2015: Fixed a sentence.)

It's often said that Christianity is not repressed, even in today's society. Isn't it? If statistics are to be believed, over 1/7 of the world belongs to the Christian faith. The problem is, a lot of this isn't true Christianity, but rather people believing in God, but choosing to stay in their sin, or adopting beliefs that are non-Christian. Outside influences often shape people's faith, and many have no problem going against the teachings of God and Jesus and adopting views that the world teaches. Some say, "How can those people do that? Stand against the world, and lean on God." I agree with that sentiment, but in those people's defense, it can be pretty hard to do in a world like this one!

Let's take a recent news article. You could do this with the entire media, from TV shows, to articles, to movies, to video games, to music, but this one specific article highlights basically everything repressing about this world. News articles are meant to be neutral regarding information, correct? I'm not saying they need to favor Christianity, only that they do not unfairly slander it. The Huffington Post recently, however, did just that.

Keeping in mind Fair Use, let's discuss the subtle, yet glaring, bias on display in the article.

Louie Gohmert used an equation to prove that there is a creator.

 Gohmert did not elaborate on how he leapt from something to nothing to everything to the "Lord we know" rather than to, say, a Flying Spaghetti Monster.
That's true. The equation doesn't prove Christianity specifically, only that there is a creator. Still, that proves that there is a creator, a point which is ignored for the rest of the article. This is pretty significant news, guys. For such a significant discovery, it's not getting much note. Also, take careful note here that he didn't just reach that conclusion, he leapt to it, like a whimsical child leaping through the meadows. Wording like this is prominent in subtly-discrediting media outlets like this.

Gohmert also neglected to explain who would have created the Lord he knows, or whether the Lord created Himself before He existed.
 The Lord he knows. Some will say that that wording is the Huffington Post avoiding religious bias, but in fact, the tone here is quite mocking. The mention of the flying spaghetti monster in the first quote does the same thing; showing a neutral viewpoint, but suggesting a mocking one.

After this, the last three entire paragraphs (almost half of the article) are spent on a completely unrelated note, discussing him yelling at somebody over beliefs not related to the equation at hand. Even in the unrelated parts, they manage to mock him:

. . . the tea party conservative asked Lynn, who disagreed with Gohmert’s narrow perception of Hell. 
The Tea Party is not popular in the general public, nor is conservatism in general, so it's only  natural that associating him with those things would make him seem less appealing. They also point out his narrow  perception of Hell. The narrow-minded Tea Party nutjob conservative with imaginary spaghetti monster friends made a claim, then went on a yelling spree about the eternal punishment nonsense again.

This is what the article is actually saying. No, I am not paranoid. Messages like this are in plain sight all over the media. Yet the existence of a creator has basically been proven with something as simple and worldly as math. Nothing plus nothing does not equal everything. Instead, a news outlet meant to be neutral spent the entire time reporting on this fact to mock Christianity.

By the way, I know some will see this and think, "Who cares who mocks Christianity? It's a nonsense belief anyway!" Those people should care deeply about this. If it's wrong to be biased against Atheism, it also is wrong to be biased against Christianity. This is one of the basic tenets of human compassion (not to mention the will of God), that true information should be spread, it should be done fairly, and that nobody should be unfairly mocked in the process, and it is happening to your fellow man. A creator may have been proven a few days ago, and the media is trying to hide this fact with mocking undertones. Remember, just because a fact favors Christianity, does not mean that it should automatically be discredited.

May God bless you all with objective truth, including Christians who are being misled by today's media, so that the world's bias may fall from you like water, dropping from your mind and heart, to the ground, and disappearing from you in the warmth of light. Amen.

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