Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Conspiracy Theory Stuff

(Note 24 August 2015: I edited the post a bit.)

A random thought today: what if Linkin Park's song "A Line in the Sand" is about some group with a negative agenda like the Illuminati?

There were allegations for a few years about Linkin Park "going Illuminati", and that's a pretty understandable thing to suggest, keeping in mind a lot of the symbolism in their videos and lyrics since around "A Thousand Suns". This new album has much fewer symbols like that as far as the lyrics go, and the imagery seems to have softened up a lot, including a facebook icon surrounded by smoke on a white background, almost suggesting the "fire" has gone out, that the darkness has left, that they've quit the negative stuff. I can't say that's the case for sure of course, or in fact that they ever started it, but that's what seems to be suggested here.

The main point here, though, is the lyrics to this specific song.

A line in the sand,
Between yours and mine,
And it came, like fire from below,
Your greed led the call,
My flag had to fall,
But little did you know
Another day, your truth will come,
You're gonna pay for what you,
Pay for what you've done,
You'll get what's yours,
And face your crime,
You'll tell them give me back what's mine
Give me back what's mine!

Note the fire simile. In "A Light That Never Comes", they seem to speak positively of fire, and of a flood (see next verse). In this song, however, they speak negatively of it, comparing the fire with their enemy/enemies.

They surrendered to the greed, but it seems they're aware  that those greedy people will pay someday.

I ain't never been a coward,
I ain't never seen blood,
You had sold me an ocean,
And I was lost in the flood,
We were counting on a leader,
We were driven by need,
Couldn't take temptation,
And we were blinded by greed,
You were steady as a sniper,
We were waiting on a wire,
So we never saw it coming,
When you ran from the fire,
You can try intimidation,
Or you can try to ignore,
But when the time comes calling,
Yeah! You are gonna get yours!

Note the flood reference, as stated before, used in a disparaging context, not a positive one as in previous song(s). Again, they were blinded by greed and the tricks of manipulative people, but clearly something has shown them the truth of the situation. I'm not honestly sure what "when you ran from the fire" means. 

Today, we stood on the wall,
We laughed at the sun, we laughed at the guns,
We laughed at it all
And when they, they told us to go,
We paid them no mind, like every other time,
But little did we know...

This puts the band in a specific scene, rather than just talking about the past as the other verses do, seeming to show their independence from "them" and the past they caused the members of Linkin Park to have.

Something else interesting is this part of "Keys to the Kingdom":

No control! No surprise!
Tossed the keys to the kingdom down that hole in my eye
I'm my own casualty! I fuck up everything I see, fighting in futility!

Eyes are a symbol of the Illuminati, and this seems to suggest the band's regret for the negative influences they allowed in their music. 

I don't know if any of this is true, and I'd imagine most people reading this don't care too much about conspiracy theories, but it's something to think about, I guess.

Edit: If a YouTube comment I found is telling the truth, I was actually mostly correct! 
. . . On SiriusXM Octane, Mike Shinoda (song writer and band member) did a special about the concepts behind The Hunting Party. Really, the whole album is about how they sold themselves out just for greed and fame, and realized it got them nowhere and they were unhappy with what they were doing--therefore, they went back to their roots to get back what they needed and have fun with their music again.

 God bless, as always.

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