Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Emotions vs Truth

A lot of people seem to use subjective emotions when thinking about truth. You know what I mean... "I feel sad about something, so God must hate me". Or, "Priests sure do get caught committing lewd acts a lot, I don't like that so I don't like Christianity"..

But that kind of attitude can't be present. First of all, the actions of people do not ever negate the idea they are presenting. I could tell you that there is a heart beating inside of you and that you even have lungs, even though you have likely never seen them personally. However, I could also then, for example, frame you for some kind of felony and then steal your girlfriend. Actually, my moral conscience wouldn't allow me to do that, but anyway, if I were to do that, you'd probably be a little ticked at me. I'd be a pretty terrible person if I did that. However, that doesn't mean that what I said to you before about your heart and lungs somehow suddenly isn't true. You know very well that if your body didn't have those things, it wouldn't be able to survive. Just because a jerk said it, doesn't mean that basic biology is suddenly altered. And it's the same thing with theology. Too many people take the un-Biblical attitude of certain (people who call themselves) Christians and think that it somehow objectively changes what the Bible itself plainly states. It's a flawed perspective. You can't take the actions of somebody and attach them to logical thought.

Second, too many people also misunderstand God's love. Life will not always be perfect, but that does not mean God doesn't love you. The evidence of God's love is Jesus' sacrifice and the ability for you to go to Heaven and be in eternal happiness. If you are going to Heaven, most of your happiness won't be here. It will be in Heaven. Good and evil are allowed to exist here, and you are given a choice to accept which one you want to be aligned with. The one who stands firm until the end shall be saved. This isn't your, our, perfect home; this is the battlefield. I've explained this before. Your home is where you go when you are done here.

These are only two examples, but they're big examples, and it truly bothers me. People are talking from opinionated viewpoints about factual truths. You can't let emotions like this get in the way. Experiences and news stories can't affect your perception of truth. Remember that facts exist independent of your emotions. Sometimes even I feel emotions that cause me to feel doubt; but these emotions are temporary, and even if they were theoretically permanent, they don't negate the basic facts of our world. Don't be surprised if, even if you can accept these facts, you don't fully understand them. You should absolutely try, but sometimes something will still seem confusing. In cases like that, pray with sincerity. You would be surprised how many answers God has in store if you're willing to ask for them and are willing to have true hope and faith in Him answering you.

I truly hope and pray that you will all get something out of this post. God bless you all according to His perfect will. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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