Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Want to Go to Equestria!

I used to dislike associating with most of the general public because I was so bitter. Now I dislike associating with most of the general public because they're bitter.

When I finally learned how to let go of the anger that caused me to almost literally hate everyone around me whenever I went somewhere, I saw this freedom of course as guidance from God's hand, a sign of my allowing God to work in my messed-up mind and life. But I also saw it as a sign of social improvement; "Hey, I can finally catch up with the rest of the world!" I said. The world I hated for so long! Now I can begin living life on friendly terms with other people. Now I can open up to these people, rather than shutting them out.

Well, that hasn't quite gone as expected. Jesus said this would happen, but I didn't expect it to happen so fast. Heck, I don't even have to be speaking about Christianity, though that tends to anger people as well, no doubt about it. But some people are just bitter about everything. From where I was before, I saw the world as comparatively loving (because, well, it was) but now that I understand what love for others is actually about, I see how hateful the world still is. I understand that this doesn't apply to everybody, but it applies to FAR too many people for my comfort.

Which brings me to the title of this post. It's a frequent wish among bronies to go to the fictional universe of Equestria (it's where most of the new series of My Little Pony takes place, you uncultured outsider!) and most of them are actually talking about Ponyville. But here's the question: what exactly do people expect to find there? Surely something better than Earth, but how? Not "how" as in "how do they expect to get there", I think we're all aware that it's a fictional universe developed for a cartoon series, but rather, "how do they expect to make it work?" Sure there are still some bad characters like Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon walking around, but for the most part, "bad guys" are anything but tolerated in Ponyville. (I'd say Equestria as a whole, but let's be honest, some of the people in Canterlot are extremely shallow and uptight.) Seeing the overall community, I do not doubt at all that some of us would "belong" in Ponyville. I don't doubt that some of us would be better suited to a place like that, than the place where we live now. (Some of us are even being prepared for somewhere else even as we speak.) But for a lot of people, let's think for a minute. A lot of people are more like the villains on that show than the protagonists. Easily-provoked, intolerant, unloving, power-hungry trolls. This is of particular note in terms of My Little Pony because of how the villains are handled on it. Villains are defeated in one of two ways: 1) reforming them, or 2) overpowering and defeating them in order to remove a threat. Discord was put into stone, Chrysalis was thrown out so far we don't know where she ended up (comic canon isn't show canon!), Sombra was just destroyed completely... Yet so many people in this world behave much more like these same characters than the protagonists they claim to adore.

Read any of the dialogue the aforementioned villains have and then compare it to things the mane six say. Which one more closely resembles real-world dialogue in today's society? The cheesiness and fluff of what the protagonists say, or the cynicism and indifference of the villains?

My concern isn't that people are dissatisfied with Earth, my concern is that some people are in no way ready for even a place like Equestria. I say "even" Equestria, because think about this. If Equestria were real, and if we could go there, our stay would be entirely dependent on our actions. The kind of temper tantrums we all apparently love to anonymously throw in internet comment sections wouldn't be very welcomed there. Profanity wouldn't be welcomed there. Alcoholism wouldn't be welcomed there. If your principles cause you to not love and tolerate something, you'd better have a good justification for it. (ie "I oppose drug use because it's dangerous and I don't want anypony to get hurt", as opposed to something like "I oppose druggies because they're retarded, and drugs are for faggots.") Our actions there would determine our stay. But most people aren't even ready for Heaven, a place accessed so easily that a person can live their entire life as a murderous psychopath, and in their very last breaths, decide to turn to Jesus and be forgiven, and just by spending their very last seconds accepting Jesus, go there. (For those of us who aren't on our deathbeds, God also calls believers to repent; some say that repentance is a result of salvation rather than a requirement to obtain it) The basic point is Jesus is the only way to Heaven. But compared to what I said above, this isn't that far of a stretch for us. A relationship with God; an acceptance that Jesus is God's begotten son, that Jesus was crucified to save us from our sins, would naturally lead us to the repentance God wants from us. It all begins with a simple belief. No "sinner's prayer" or anything of the sort is required, and baptism is NOT required to go to Heaven. It begins with the simple matter of believing and accepting one simple teaching. Think about how many people are still very unfortunately going to end up in Hell because they didn't want to let go, and turn to God. (God does not enjoy doing this.) It's only one simple requirement, and they didn't fulfill it. Some still won't today.

So how can these people possibly talk about a place that requires even more of us? This is even disregarding God's call to us on top of everything else. My problem isn't that people want to go to Equestria; I'd say it's honestly a pretty good sign if you find yourself wanting a place like that over a place like Earth... (as long as we remember that it's a daydream and not an actual world. Please don't get into the weird end of spiritual stuff; it's bad news.) My problem is that people want this perfect place, but one that isn't accessible through simple grace, and thus they're barely in a place to step foot in it. And all the while, they're still polluting the real world with their angry, hateful attitude. This unwillingness to admit our own inner wickedness creates a serious problem. If you're anything like what I've been describing, you don't belong in Equestria.

Repent and believe! God loves you and wants you to go to Heaven one day, which will be even better than Equestria.


  1. That was really interesting:). Before God led me out of the interest of astral projection I always dreamed of going to Equestria since I am a brony as well. It was one of the main reasons why I wanted to astral project so I can go to Equestria. But now I know that I shouldn't be entertaining occultist practices. As a Christian I know that God wants me to be here. But it is very interesting that found this article:) God Bless!

    1. It is SO GREAT that you also left that behind! I am SO HAPPY to hear that! I used to practice that stuff, too, and I totally understand the temptation there. That's why I specifically called it out near the end of the post, and repeatedly emphasized how MLP is just a cartoon - because of others who might be spiritually confused. I went through all that before I became a brony (late 2014), and I hope to reach out to bronies (and others) who are still practicing it today. God bless!