Thursday, June 18, 2015

Relentlessly Gay - Here's Whimsy If I've Ever Seen It

I don't know if the world is truly entering more of a slump lately or if it's just me, but I am definitely not in the happier frame of mind I was a few months ago.

Well, anyway.

We have a news story today. I don't like talking about the news, but hey, it brings in a couple extra views I wanted to talk about this anyway. We have a Christian person whose neighbor had colored jars outside arranged in a row like a rainbow (solar lights). The Christian person left a note on the neighbor's door insinuating that the neighbor's yard was becoming "relentlessly gay" and that there were children in the neighborhood.

Let's first make something perfectly clear here. It's a common complaint that children don't need to be exposed to homosexuality; well - they don't, but we tend to forget that young children don't really need to be exposed to heterosexuality, either. Mind you, it's a little harder to hide, but I think heterosexuals could safely tone it down a bit, too. We have a tendency of getting caught up in "grown-up" stuff like work, and forgetting what the world is like through a child's eyes, and how confusing the topic is even when talking about heterosexuality.

Second, no matter how much a subjective social movement may try, the objective meaning of a rainbow can't be changed, something the Christian neighbor clearly forgot. Before rainbows were perceived in people's thoughts as a symbol of LGBT stuff, the rainbow was already established to be a symbol of God's covenant with us that He won't destroy the world with a giant flood again. Rainbows still mean this today. We can attempt to distort the meaning of something, but God's objective truth will remain, regardless.

We're already on paragraph five and I haven't even gotten to the main point of this. Who is going to read this?! Anyway, the main point of why I wrote this is the response the letter got. Normally I might complain more about the letter itself, but being someone whose own words are regularly thrown aside and intentionally misunderstood when people don't want to accept the truth (the Truth) in a situation, I have no choice but to sympathize a bit here.

The neighbor who had the solar lights claims that, quote, "I WILL NOT Relent to Hatred. Instead, I will battle it with whimsy and beauty and laughter and love, wrapped around my home, yard and family!!!" (source: How would one respond to this situation with "beauty", "love", being "wrapped around" one's "family"? Well, one might decide to have a talk with one's neighbor about the note, and explain the situation. You know, calmly explain that the rainbow is a symbol of a covenant God made with mankind and that there was a simple misunderstanding.

No, the neighbor started a gofundme page mocking the phrase "relentlessly gay", for the purpose of mocking the original note. Let's take a quick look at the, quote, "beauty" and "love" on display:

Needless to say...  I need more rainbows... Many, many more rainbows….

So, I am starting this fundraiser so I can work to make my Home even More "relentlessly gay"  If we go high enough, I will see if I can get a Rainbow Roof!

Because my invisible relentlessly gay rainbow dragon should live up there in style!

Put simply, I am a widow and the mother of four children, my youngest in high school and I WILL NOT Relent to Hatred. Instead, I will battle it with whimsy and beauty and laughter and love, wrapped around my home, yard and family!!!

Thanks for your relentlessly gay support!


This is something that's personally been endlessly frustrating me lately. In fact, I made a post about this very topic last time, except last time it was in the context of rude people wanting to go to a place in a children's cartoon show (please note I was not talking about the whole fandom). Here, we have yet another rude person with a mocking attitude attempting to talk about "beauty" and "love".  How can this person possibly talk about not relenting to hatred, when they're so full of it themselves? I'm legitimately confused by this (how can this possibly be construed as "love"?) and frustrated that hateful attitudes like this continue to be an influence in our world.

They're clearly just rubbing this in the note writer's face. A rainbow roof? "[M]y invisible relentlessly gay rainbow dragon"?

People, I've had a lot of difficulty getting simple points across to people sometimes, but can we all please agree that this is not beautiful or loving? I don't know how it became so common in the world for people to claim to seek out love, peace, and kindness while being so hateful and intolerant, but this is a problem that needs to be addressed. This isn't limited to a specific side of a fandom or a neighbor with jars in their front yard, this is a problem everywhere. This is absolutely crazy. Hypocrisy is abounding everywhere, and not only is it driving me insane on a personal level, it's objectively wrong. We can't have things like this happening. I completely understand that anger gets the better of me, too, and I still have a knack for sarcasm (which I'd like to overcome, and have to a small, small degree) but guys, I'm trying. I understand that some of the aforementioned angry people are trying, too, but we've got to try a little more here.

And I'm NOT talking about changing our behaviors. I'm talking about changing what's in our hearts, which will in turn change our behaviors. You can train a rude, angry person to behave politely, but they will still be hateful in their heart. We need to get to the source of the problem.

God bless you all and guide you according to His perfect will. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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