Thursday, January 28, 2016


A person is claiming that a brony talking about the Bible in a brony context is "idolatry" and part of "great apostasy". This is not true.

The statement demonstrates misplaced priorities, and by extension, a lack of understanding. The focus in the video is on God's word first and foremost. There's no attempt at distorting God's word, but instead, sharing it. This is the very calling Jesus gave to us, to share God's word. This is what the video accomplishes.

Now I'll concede that the pacing is very, very slow; the video's not perfect in terms of entertainment, but God doesn't look at how entertaining things like this are, but rather what the intent was in the heart of the person who made it. Care should be taken to make sure that the wrong message doesn't get across when sharing the word, but it very clearly appears Shady Oak has already taken this precaution. The message here is Biblically sound. No, I can't vouch for every single video of his, because I've only seen two thus far, but they make a lot of sense.

The problem this person likely has with Shady Oak Ministries is the idea itself: a mix of brony culture and Christianity. And indeed there are times when certain aspects of an idea should not be included in worship. However, that's only in extreme cases where the ideas in question go directly against God's teachings - cases where there is actual sin taking place, and there arises a need for repentance. Not all signs of individuality altogether. As individual people, we are all guilty of sin, and there exists sin within the brony community, just like with any community, but the brony community is not inherently based in sin. The message of the gospel is not being polluted by mixing it with brony culture, therefore it is not wrong to include it.

I once found paintings where Jesus was depicted as being Asian. I've also seen paintings where Jesus was depicted as being Caucasian. Jesus was neither of these, but does that mean the artwork is sinful? No - it helps relate the gospel to certain cultures. This is not wrong, because Jesus did come to earth to save anyone from any culture who chose Him, which I suppose some people find difficult to understand if we just think of Jesus in terms of one culture. Jesus was born in Israel in order to fulfill Old Testament prophecy - it doesn't mean Jesus only came here to save Israel. Jesus spoke Aramaic - it doesn't mean we need to speak Aramaic. God wants to save us no matter if we are in Israel or any other country. God hears our prayers no matter if they are in Aramaic or another language. Likewise, God accepts our worship no matter if it's from an old, traditional culture, or a more modern one, as long as the form of worship doesn't involve sin, which if you think about it, wouldn't even really be "worship" anyway.

Don't let people, who discern based only on misguided personal biases, get to you. Shady Oak Ministries and things like it are not "apostasy". Look at the issue Biblically. Discern based on holy scripture, NOT based on the flawed teachings of humans!

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God bless you and guide you according to His perfect will! In Jesus' name. Amen.

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