Thursday, April 21, 2016

More Lyrics

I wrote these earlier this year. They're not the most poetic lyrics, but I wanted to paint a picture here. It's easy to look at historical documents and feel disconnected from them. They're people we don't know, experiencing things long since past. It can be hard to imagine the course of events that led from those times, to the modern day. I wanted to try to remove that barrier.

We've recently left Egypt.
It feels like forever ago, but it hasn't been that long.
The Lord parted waters for us,
and has brought manna for us to eat.
Many wondrous things have happened.
Now Moses is giving us laws.
The Lord has promised our descendants a land with milk and honey.
We grow tired sometimes, but are excited to reach this land.

We are living in our tribes.
Many things have been happening.
At first, we did not have a king.
The people were rebellious, so the Lord appointed a king.
Prophets have been judging.
The Lord has spoken fulfilled promises through them.
Battles have been waged and kings appointed.
Our king, Solomon, is now constructing new and grand buildings.

The prophets have been speaking of somebody.
"A righteous branch of David will spring forth."
This man will save Israel.
A decree went out recently for a census.
Life has simply gone on like this for awhile.
On nights like this, I almost forgot about the prophecies.
But word has been spreading throughout the land.
Angels declared it to shepherds - He was born last night.

Many things have happened.
Such a short period of time - where to begin?
The Messiah was crucified but a few days ago.
A darkness covered the land, and the temple curtain was torn.
He worked many miracles - healing the sick, turning water to wine.
But behold - He has returned from the dead!
The tomb was empty, despite the guards who were placed there.
He has already appeared to some people once again.

I write this not in Israel, but in a nation called "the United States".
It has been a long time since the revelation to John.
Though many of us do still cling to the word today,
Many are turning again to their own hearts.
Despite medical breakthroughs, we continue to suffer.
Despite making cars and rocket ships, we continue to stagnate.
Societies, cultures, trends continue to rise and fall, just as of old.
The cold night air blows, as we look to the sky tonight, watching for the Messiah.

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