Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I noticed the lyrics to [Amelioration's album] weren't online anywhere and I was going to add them to a website, but I couldn't think of what website Amelioration's style would best fit. So I'll just post them here? These aren't all of them, by the way - not all of them are written in the booklet. By the way, if you like electronic music / dubstep and you also like grindcore, you should definitely check this album out. Lyrics are obviously (c) Amelioration.

- Malicious Enchroachment
Resist temptation, flee from it!

- Deceived
The devil roams the earth for who he might deceive
He is relentless like you would not believe.
Stand on the Word and take authority.
As quick as can be, the devil will flee

- Restorification
I declare healing in the name of Jesus! I declare restoration in the name of the king! Bring it down. Are you ready to be ameliorated?

- Alias
El Shaddai, El Gibbor, Elohim, Yahweh, Logos, Adonai, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Abba Father. These are the names of the most high God!

- Dance Like David
I will dance! I will dance! I will dance!  I will dance like David danced!

- Healing Spree
Boom! Be healed! Boom! Be healed! Boom! Be healed! In the mighty name of Jesus you are healed!

- That's What He Said
God has promised us many things, things inside His holy book. Your sorrow will be turned to joy. The Lord will provide. Salvation through Christ. Protection, victory in Jesus. His promises are plentiful and His blessings bountiful, your needs are met. He is faithful. That's what He said.

- Admin Rights
Upon our creation, free will was given. The right to do what we wish with our lives. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Use good judgment when exercising free will!

- Man's Lifespan
But a moment!

- Holy Ghost Noise Party

- Jumpin Jehova Stats
Why does it matter how many members your church has? Start discipling the ones you do have. This is not a popularity contest, this is about the Kingdom of God. Why concern yourself with useless statistics? Go out and preach the Gospel!

- Make a Joyful Blastbeat
Cut loose! Aah! Go wild! Alright! Shout out! Yeah! Go wild! Cut loose!

- Intolerated

- Reverential Panegyric
I'm here to proclaim the glory of the Lord, the Lord on high who has given me life. Praise the Lord forevermore!

- Mental Defragmentation
The mind gets fragmented, disjointed and as such our thoughts focus on earthly desires. Oh great Administrator, defrag our brains! Rearrange our thoughts! Bring Yourself to the front! Optimize our minds for spiritual focus. Delete selfish desires. Firewall our minds from the things of the world!

- One Hundred Seventeen
Psalm 117

- Spiritual Virtualization
When the Administrator returns, His followers will be virtualized. Leaving behind our physical chassis into the domain of the Host of Hosts. Is your name written to the Administrator's database table of life?

- Fatal Error
Error! Error! We have all fallen short of the glory of the Administrator. FATAL ERROR!

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