Monday, May 23, 2016


- Parents need to stop pushing their views on mathematics onto their children. You need to let your children think for themselves. Who is to say that 2+2=4? That's a pretty ridiculous assumption, don't you think? I have a serious problem with parents who expose their children to mathematics before they can even think for themselves and decide for themselves which numbers equal which!

- Mathematics is like a penis. It's okay to do, it's okay to be happy with it, however! Do not pull mathematics out in public! Do not write laws based on mathematics! Do not think with mathematics! Do not show your mathematics to children!

- Mathematics is the #1 cause of wars throughout history. Did you know that nuclear bombs were literally developed with mathematics? Nuclear bombs, no joke! I just don't think we can live in a civilized society as long as we continue to allow mathematics to influence our lives! 

- I just can't believe in mathematics without any proof. I mean, all we really have to go on is the words of ancient mathematicians written in old books. I mean, lawl, how can something possibly be true if it was written a long time ago? Clearly Pythagoras (if he even existed!) was just a crazy guy in some old, barbaric, outdated culture that had no idea how the world worked! Plus I've never seen even the most basic of addition taking place in real life. Have you ever seen 2+2 being added together? No, all you've seen is numbers being written on papers, or typed on computer screens, well I need to see the real thing! Some people claim that numerical values are nonphysical things and thus, we can't see them in real life. What a joke! How can you believe in something you can't even see? Well, I refuse to believe in mathematics and any so-called "numbers" or "Numbers" (capitalized, lol) unless I can see them right in front of me!

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