Monday, May 30, 2016


So on one hand, Christianity is allegedly an "archaic, outdated belief system" that's "full of obvious contradictions" and followed by "ignorant people" who "didn't understand how the world really worked".

And yet on the other hand, Christianity is allegedly "created by evil geniuses" who "wanted to control the masses", despite the fact that these "archaic" cultures were full of "ignorant people" who "didn't understand how the world really worked". These same "diabolical masterminds" who are smart enough to invent a convincing-sounding religion, are the same people who are said to be too ignorant to know better.

So, which is it exactly?

Is it a bunch of ignorant randomness strewn together by archaic clowns, or is it a plan devised by meticulously-planning, cunning, observant geniuses for nefarious purposes?

Could it be that there's an extremely obvious contradiction in both of those claims?

Could it be that it's neither ignorant randomness, nor a diabolical plan?

Could it be that Christianity is... truth?

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