Sunday, November 16, 2014

Did Princess Celestia Destroy the Illuminati?

This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I'll ever talk about on this blog, but I absolutely have to share it somewhere.

This isn't a very serious post, just a silly random thought. Whenever My Little Pony comes up in conspiracy theory discussions, people often point out the obvious thing:

EDIT: Oh yeah, this isn't my image. (C) Hasbro. Red marks are (C) whoever added them.

This is a flashback from... either, before Ponyville (where most of the show takes place) was founded, or right after people had begun building it. This is from a long time ago, anyway. This flashback takes place in Canterlot, the big ritzy "royal" area where Princess Celestia lives, and where I would not. (Can't stand that ritzy kind of atmosphere.)

The red arrow is pointing to a symbol, can you guess what it is? The obvious implication is that the tent belongs to the Illuminati, given that their symbol is on it. But what does this really mean?

Celestia rules Equestria, and especially the place where she lives, Canterlot. Celestia's territory far outweighs what the Illuminati have - a single tent. Also notice that Celestia is sitting on a giant, brightly-colored chariot-like vehicle, being pulled by servants (not to mention ruling an entire kingdom) while the Illuminati tent is shoved off to the side, dimly-colored and dark. Everybody's facing away from the eye, which has obvious psychological implications. It's glaring at Celestia, but notice the eye on the back wheel is glaring right back at it. I'm serious, look - it looks exactly like an eye, and it's staring right at the other eye.

The Illuminati don't play an important part in Canterlot. They've already been reduced to one tent that's not getting much attention. What's more is that in modern-day Canterlot, after everything stopped being old and fading and yellow, you don't see that tent at all. They're an ancient thing of the past in Equestria.


With things like all the magic references, Twilight's cutie mark/hexagram and Rainbow Dash's cutie mark/lightning bolt, I'd think that -- if anything, of course -- this show would support an Illuminati agenda. But now that I think about it, Twilight's cutie mark really looks bent/twisted compared to normal hexagrams, and RD's cutie mark is reversed, at least on one side (right-down, left, right-down - not left-down, right, left-down), and with the Illuminati symbolism above... Do you think this show could actually somehow be anti-Illuminati?..

You can't just go preaching to people on TV these days (don't get me started), you have to have some give and take with the elites' agendas if you want your idea to go anywhere, and hiding a message of friendship, kindness, that believing in things you can't explain is fine, and your friends who think that way can help you see them (see Twilight's monologue near the end), hope (which the Illumainti hate), etc, amidst a few random symbols thrown around (eye, owl, etc) with some magic references (will appeal to today's already occult-influenced audiences) seems like a very sneaky way to get the point across in today's world. I'm not sure if that assessment is entirely correct - I'm not necessarily green-lighting the show for you conspiracy nuts, but that's really something to think about, I think.

I wonder if any bronies will find my blog because of this. Hello there.

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