Sunday, November 9, 2014

Calling Out Occultism in Black Metal Again

I had a dream a couple weeks ago that I found an occult-influenced CD, but the artwork looked cool (an old trick I fell for many times), so I convinced myself it was still okay to listen to.

Something strange happened in my house afterwards, but I can't remember what. It might have been an argument. Then the whole area around me started to change to something else.

The dream sort of repeated itself, with me finding an even worse CD, but it sounded cool, so I kept listening to it. The listening experience manifested as a walk through a street in my town. It was nighttime, dimly lit, etc. and eventually I saw a giant demon, hanging dead from something. The sight scared me so much, I gave up listening to the CD and woke up.

That's basically what happens, really; the horrified feeling you'd naturally experience if you saw a physical demon, first of all, then you found a carcass hanging in a doorway, is very similar to the feeling rooted inside of your psyche after listening to that negative stuff, though of course it's more subtle when you're still listening to it. I seriously can't stress enough how bad the satanic end of black metal really is for you. What it plays up as "strength" is actually "strong" feelings of sadness, of despair, of longing for death, and while it may sound good at first, and may indeed be performed by talented musicians, it's not worth listening to it, considering the psychological and physical effects of it.

I experienced spiritual things like beings communicating with me that seemed benevolent, projections (incl astral), visions, etc. I felt this was a validation of my spirituality. What it actually was - much like the "strength" and "sadness" I mentioned before - was the complete opposite. It made clear my spirituality, by poisoning it and afflicting me with negative emotions.

I truly hope this post will finally expose that entire scene, and its spiritual poison, and that somebody will see the truth through this blog. Of course there's good stuff in black metal, but nobody will look at the rest of the black metal scene, the popular stuff is what's full of this negativity.

It is for that reason I gave a rather big list awhile back of Christian bands of various styles. And there are way more than I listed there; it's just to get you started. I may update that someday. If you want good spirituality, pray to God. Christ can save you, and even though many evil types think it, the devil and his demons cannot kill you once you become Christian. You are protected by God, and He will not let those negative beings hurt you. It's up to you to decide.

And I pray that you make the right decision. In Jesus' name. Amen.

PS: Since this post seems to be getting the most views, here is another article I wrote, that the scene may be interested in. 

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