Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Dresser. Hear!

There's a dresser in my bedroom. It's wooden (and it seems to be real wood) and the handles are made in some fancy design. I don't know what they're made of, but they're painted/colored gold. (It's not real gold.) I didn't purchase this dresser. My family's had it since I was young - perhaps even before my lifetime.

Where did this dresser come from?

It came from the people who made it, no?

But how do I know it was made by someone? How do I know the dresser didn't just appear one day by itself? I won't believe that it was actually made by a sentient being unless I see it with my own eyes.

We could ask my family. I don't know how old the dresser is, but someone in my family most likely remembers where they purchased it. Where did it come from, though? From where did that store get the dresser? From a distributor, most likely. Unless they made it by hand. But there are several materials here (for example, the drawers themselves aren't made of wood on the inside - they're made of something else) so it most likely isn't handmade - they most likely got the dresser from a distributor.

Which distributor was this?

We could probably, much to the inconvenience of the people at that store, if it's even still open, go through their papers from years ago and figure out which distributors they were dealing with at the time.

But that doesn't prove that the dresser was made by someone.

You say, "But it's clearly written on this paper in their books that it was sent out from this distributor, and it came from this factory! Stupid Christian, what more proof do you need?"

But I don't care what's written in a book - I want proof that this dresser was made by somebody. We could go to the original factory where the dresser was allegedly made - if it's still there - and inspect the place. We could, much to the inconvenience of the people trying to work there, check out all of the machinery they use to make their products.

You say, "Well, we've seen the factory, and the machinery within it. We even saw the machines make a dresser similar to the one you have. The dresser clearly originated from this factory. Stupid Christian, what more proof do you need?"

But I don't care about that. Sure, there's the possibility that the dresser came from this factory, but there's no proof that it did.

You say, "Look at the dresser itself! Look at all the details in it. You can clearly see that this didn't just appear by chance. There's so much evidence here that this dresser was designed by somebody. Look at all of the precise edges on it, look at the decoration around the edges at the top, look at the fancy design on the drawer handles, look at the drawer sizes - they all match! Do you think that's just a coincidence? Look at the smooth surface of the top of the dresser, look at the beautiful designs cut into the bottom of the dresser, did they get there by random chance? Look at the pieces and how they're all so carefully assembled. If you think this dresser wasn't clearly made by someone, I don't know what to even say anymore. Christian, what more proof could you possibly need?"

Do you understand yet?

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