Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Like a Penis

Now THERE'S a headline to get a few people curious, haha... Wow Nocturnal, you're a Christian but you posted the word "penis" on your blog? Now what could be the meaning of this? 

Well, now, everyone, let's all sit down and talk a little.

I hope that introduction was as cringe-worthy for you to read, as it was for me to write. Something straight out of a 90's classroom VHS tape.

But enough of this 90's classroom VHS shenanigans.

I've been seeing headlines for the past couple days about a female runner who had her period while she was running in a marathon, or something. The idea was to raise awareness about "period shaming", something both conservatives and liberals seem to agree doesn't actually exist in most of the countries that have a free enough press that they'll publish things about this.

Now, going off-topic for a second, don't think for a second that I'm unaware of that "religion is like a penis" saying. The saying goes that "it's okay to have one, it's okay to be proud of it" (interesting fact: pride is a sin) "but it's not okay to whip it out in public" etc etc.

Now, that makes no sense at all, because if Christians didn't "whip out their" beliefs in public, all the charitable work that God instructs us to do, wouldn't be done, and all of the people who were saved because they heard the word, received it, and went to Heaven, would not be there. (Believe!) Meanwhile, instead, whipping out your genitals in public in a place where people clearly do not want to see them is a lewd sign of perversion. And while a Christian shares their beliefs out of caring for others' well-being, exposing yourself does NOTHING to help anyone!

But the point here is the hypocrisy. The aforementioned flawed saying about religion being "like a penis" is widespread on the internet.

Yet there are people defending this woman for imposing her well-meaning beliefs by having period blood run down her leg.

So religion is "like a penis" ... but period blood isn't?

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