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Well, I've been in the fandom for just about a year now. I'm aware that some readers (if this blog has regular readers?) may have reservations about watching TV, or something. I've come to chalk this up to Romans 14, where watching TV may be something you personally are not called to do, but I've prayed about this several times, and the way things have worked out this past year, it just appears quite clearly to me that this is something God's okay with me watching. I was skeptical at first because MLP is a TV show of course, and most TV shows are full of nonsense that just makes me sick. Also for other, somewhat irrelevant reasons that aren't worth going into here. The point is, let's just say, I was happily proven wrong about them. With nearly all episodes of MLP, I can truly, truly just sit back and enjoy them.

So, given the typical subject matter of this blog, I've just been thinking about making a post for bronies, specifically, who may be interested in learning more about Christianity, or living a more Biblical / Christ-centered lifestyle. I don't want this to read like I'm forcing it, a tone I guess I might be guilty of taking on sometimes. This is just meant to be like an informational resource. This isn't the first post I've made about MLP, but this is the first one meant solely for bronies.

Throughout this, I'll be using links to a site called BibleHub. The pages may look wordy, but each page is really just one verse, written in different translations. It's useful to have a simple translation at hand so everyone can understand the verse, but it's also good to have several translations available to get the full message.

1) Tulpas. A lot of bronies have them. Tulpas are effectively imaginary friends that are given, as closely as possible, "independence" to do what they want. There are people who would just outright say tulpas are wrong for various reasons, but I'm not really inclined to say that. I don't think at all that an imaginary friend of any kind is inherently wrong. The only advice I really want to give here is, be careful. Imaginary friends, especially ones meant to operate on their own without you (consciously) controlling them, are a very easy way for demonic spirits to work in your life. And I'm not just reciting this; I'm speaking from direct experience. Before I became a brony, I had ... something like a tulpa. And I unfortunately fell for a lot of lies I was told through this over the years. This is something I really want to stress, only because it's really important. I, personally, say enjoy your imaginary friends or tulpas. But I just strongly ask that you keep reality in check when "interacting" with them. If you can't? I think it would be easier to just try and give it up. Pray to God! He'll hear your prayers, and guide you to truths you can only imagine. I won't have a tulpa again. I won't take a chance like that. But if you can keep reality in check throughout, there should be no issue! 

2) Keep God in focus. Simple. MLP is clearly something God has declared acceptable in our lives. Personally, God has used the show as a tool to help me in my life several times. As a source of artistic inspiration, as something fun/happy to cheer me up when the rest of the world was dragging me down, as a fandom where I sometimes, just sometimes, actually feel like I belong for once ... and as other things as well. But the main thing to keep in mind is to worship the Creator, and not the created. The show's done some great things in my life / our lives, but the point is that it's a thing, in the world; something to appreciate, but not worship. God should have our devotion.

3) R34. Not a "huge" thing in the fandom, but it's ... it's there, let's be honest with ourselves. Now, the obvious thing that those who don't read the Bible very often are probably expecting is a slap on the wrist from a pushy fundie. Don't be mistaken; "lust" is clearly a sin ([1] [2] [3] [4]) but I just wanted to point out that the situation isn't really quite what some may think it is. Some may be misled, especially by internet trolls (fun fact: God dislikes trolling!), to think that R34 is only "wrong" because it's not about "real" humans. Some may be misled to think that being "normal", conforming to society, is what God is asking of them when these discussions come up. That's not the case at all. What we're attracted to hardly matters in God's eyes. Lust toward a human stranger, or lust toward your pony waifu is the same; lust. What matters to God is what is in our hearts, when we face temptation of any kind. How we respond to the temptation, rather than what the temptation itself is. The devil likes to put all kinds of ideas into our heads; God equips us to deal with these ideas, no matter if the temptation is something "normal people" face, or if it's something only a few end up facing. Whatever you're facing in this department, take it up with God. Take everything up with God! Ask for His guidance. You'd be surprised how much help God can be in your life ... (You'll probably slip up, but God is willing to forgive! It's not a license to just do whatever you want, but it's the highest-quality safety net possible, in case you do.) ... And believe me. Life is absolutely better, the less sin you permit into your life.

4) Waifus. Eh, pretty much a mix of everything I've said above. As long as you can keep reality in check, and avoid lust. But some people tend to get hostile in discussions about waifus. I don't know how common that really is in the brony fandom, but it at least happens in other places. Keep in mind that God calls us to love one another.

Update 2016:
5) I wanted to include a general warning not to practice astral projection. It's very understandable to want to go to Equestria, I do too, believe me, but as someone who used to astrally project, I strongly, strongly urge you not to actually attempt it yourself. It's a legitimate spiritual danger. "Astral projection" is advertised as one's spirit "ascending" to some "higher plane". In actuality, that's not true. All astral projection does is open your spirit to evil forces who want to mislead you with visions, under the guise of some kind of "higher wisdom". You do not obtain wisdom or ascend to anything by astrally projecting. You do not. But going back to MLP, keep in mind that Equestria is fictional. And even if it weren't, astral projection would not be the proper way to go there. But Equestria is fictional. Just keep what I said in mind.

That's everything that God is really guiding me to write about right now. If more comes up later, I'll add it. If you have any questions about anything, you can ... well, pray to God directly, for one thing. But you can also email me at imperialkodnarok [AT] gmail [DOT] com although God's answers will of course be more reliable than mine! I pray this post helps you. 

God bless you all and guide you all according to His perfect will! In Jesus' name. Amen. 

By the way, are you skeptical about Jesus? Check out the link! There's some information to consider.

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