Saturday, September 20, 2014

Common Signs of Negativity in the Media

I'm in the process of writing a bigger post, but I need a friend to get back to me on something first. In the meantime, I was inspired to come here and point a few things out. Not everybody reading this is a conspiracy theorist, but if you're open to new ideas, there are plenty of symbols and keywords that people associate with negative agendas in the media, signs that you should probably not associate yourself with whatever is using the symbols, and I'd like to outline a few of them. If I think of more, I'll edit this post and add them later. For now, here are these:

1) All-seeing eyes. Usually in a triangle/pyramid (symbolizes horus, an Egyptian idol), but not necessarily! One lone eye could still symbolize it (incl two-eyed creatures with one eye covered by something). Not taking it to extremes, of course. Not every instance of this is a sign of something.

Examples include the U.S. one dollar bill, Bill Cipher on Gravity Falls, the doodle god logo, etc. 

2) Hexagrams, 6-pointed figures. Some people interpret these as Stars of David, which doesn't make sense since Jesus Christ was a Jew and a descendent of David; and the global elite hate Christianity.  It turns out that the Jewish hexagram is also a symbol of black magic, and may well have never been a symbol of David to begin with. Take it from a former satanist! Though more often than not the elites are actually depicting unicursal hexagrams, different occult symbols.

Examples include, once again, the U.S. one dollar bill, possibly Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark on MLP, the mason logo seems to suggest a hexagram too, some of Bring me the Horizon's merchandise, etc.

3) the words "rain man" or "rain". I know the word "rain" is a huge stretch, but you'll see it. When it's used in negative stuff, it's usually a metaphor, usually for evil. And "rain man" is apparently another name for the adversary.

Examples of that seem to be all over popular music. An example of the rain metaphor could be these lines: "Feel the rain on your skin, . . . only you can let it in . . . Drench yourself in words unspoken"

The last part suggests negativity because of, well, the context, and also because the positive word of God has already been spoken. It's not about "words that are unspoken" like in the song. I know it seems subtle and nit-picky, but it's kind of not.

4) Lightning bolt symbols. When they're used in negative stuff, they're usually one of two specific shapes, one that's shaped kind of like an "S", and one like that but with an extra right, and down-left line at the bottom. Lightning symbolizes the adversary from when Jesus said, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven." (Luke 10:18) 

Examples include the logo for the computer program Daemon Tools, Pearl Jam's album "Lightning Bolt" (also has an all-seeing eye), the promo images for Arch Enemy's "War Eternal" (also had all-seeing eyes), etc.  

5) Black, white (or gray), and red solid colors together. Usually not blended. Just solid, contrasted colors like in MS Paint or something, though that's not always the case. I'm not sure at all what the significance is, just that red is often associated with evil, I guess. I don't know what using solid colors is supposed to mean.

Examples include the aforementioned Pearl Jam album, and basically any album art you see with those colors made after, like, 2010 or so, particularly if the band or artist never used those colors before. 

I know there are a lot of other ones, and I'll update this later with more. In the meantime, I pray that these five will be useful to you. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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