Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I'm always surprised when I hear about the pasts of certain Christians. God has clearly worked fantastic things through these people.

Fire, from Elgibbor and Fire Throne, used to smoke, drink, do drugs, and practice satanism and black magic. He's now one of the most prolific people in the Christian black metal scene. Not to mention, he makes some great music now. "War" is one of my favorite black metal albums.

I've heard of several occultists turning to Christianity, both in metal and otherwise. That's understandable; when you witness spiritual things at work, and you get sick of all of the negative forces dragging you and your life down, what other choice do you have? You already figured out, albeit the hard way, that higher forces are at work. Just turn to the Holy Spirit! 

Another unblack metal musician to whom I've spoken also said he was involved in drugs and alcohol before accepting Jesus into his life.

As I learned earlier, there are apparently several people who used to be in the porn industry who became Christian, and now speak out against the industry, which is even more corrupt than you think it is.

Someone in a comment I saw on an article one time mentioned how they used to be involved in gang violence before turning to God.

And these are just a few examples in the plethora of people whose lives have been transformed by the Lord. A lot of people think Christians are just people who are raised in a church and just decide not to question it. There are tons of people whose stories are the complete opposite of that, and it is astounding how much God can transform them. God has clearly chosen such people for great things.

There are even more accounts like this in "The Metal Bible". Normally I would never advertise on this blog, but the whole thing (or at least most of it?) is completely free to read in the link above (legally!), so if you're not convinced of the power of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, take a look at this. May God continue to bless all of those people who have been changed by him, and may God bless you, too.

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