Monday, September 29, 2014

Quick Thoughts on Unblack Metal

Two posts in one day. I feel compelled to share this, for Christians (and anyone) in the metal scene. I saw a post recently where somebody was criticizing unblack metal, saying that it's just the same as evil black metal, but with Jesus' name included. They used Horde's "Hellig Usvart" as an example. What does Anonymous say about his lyrics?
. . . Black metal has changed . . . moving away from the simple 'Satanic' subject matter of it's early years, to the more poetic and story-like lyrics of today . . . The lyrics on 'Hellig Usvart' were written 12 years ago. I'm sure that if another Horde album was written today, the themes would be quite different and much more mature, to counteract the poetic and intelligent (albeit misguided) lyrics of modern BM.
 So even the person who started it does not think unblack metal should just be stereotypical lyrics with Jesus' name thrown in.

And for anyone who does think unblack metal is just that, I'd like to share some lyrics from various unblack metal bands. Unblack metal can be just as healing for us metalheads as Christian music of other genres can be for those scenes. Look at these lyrics:

Beeroth - The Darkness by Always Will Die
Sorrow and pain no reign more,
My soul are purify, the blood of my Lord bathes me
And now I can believe
The death of my Christ was my life
The pay of the cross was your death
But now you live, Christ.

Elgibbor - Your Soul
There is only One Way.
There is only One Truth.
There is only One Hand that can save you.
Jesus Christ loves you.
Jesus Christ wants you to live.
Jesus Christ wants to save you from the fire.
Believe... Believe... Believe...

Antivenom - Where Darkness Cannot Reach
All hope is not lost
The storm shall pass and Your light will shine
I feel the warmth of Your embrace
You lift me up as I cry out Your name. 

Deborah - Soteria
There are - there are so many souls
Confused - confused and destroyed by
Themselves - themselves, they cannot see
That the solution - solution is at hand

Receive your health, receive the light
Open your eyes, is time to fly

Oh Son of God
Come fill their hearts
Come heal their lives
They need your sign 

Destroyer of Lie - Sing a Heart Sing My
Сердце огнем горит,
Дух Святый говорит,
Не покину я Тебя,
Ведь в Тебе вся жизнь моя.
Это мой великий Бог,
Он от смерти уберег,
Устрояет жизнь мою,
Ему песню я пою.

Diamoth - Sceptical
With our faith
We are so alive 

Grim - Scepter of Blood
The choice of death is simple
just follow this earth
The choice of life is simple
just turn to God almighty!

Vials of Wrath - A Greater Calling
You are the cleansing flood
Who takes away all untrue
I long to be so much more…
More of what you are
I am nothing without You
For You are the great I am 

Divine Symphony - Giants
We believe in the almighty God, creator of all things
And in the Lord Jesus Christ, the son of God
The only begotten of the father, God of God, light of light,
He being of the same substance and essence of God

O Majestic Winter simply quote Psalm 91 in "To Praise the Eternal":
O Father of Life, my heart beats for Your glory!
Death shall relinquish my body
But You, Lord, will gather up my spirit!

Let Your spirit fill my heart!
Your wonders abound in me...
I am nothing outside of You...
Eternal One, Almighty God, take this offering!

Mercy - Kingdom of Holiness
Christ has won
He comes with His Kingdom of Grace
On His throne
The prophecy is fulfilled

Wrote in the Book of the Living Word

Salvation, Peace, Life, Rest
Light, Freedom
All for free in the Blood
All for free in Christ, the Lord 

Edit 17 March 2015, here's one more. Dying Blaze - Attera Obscurum:

. . . But you are stronger and can overcome everything
Breaking the darkness, insane for Christ!

Breaking the darkness!

Cross is on your chest, holiness in your soul
Life is in your mind, cold are your hands
You will overcome your fears
You are not alone!

God bless you all according to His perfect will! Amen. 

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