Sunday, January 4, 2015

What Else Must We Do?

How precisely should I go about proving the existence of God? That's not to say that I haven't a good fifty times over already (also in other ways not yet discussed on this blog), but the reactions to cold evidence that people seem to have certainly don't suggest it.

I'm a very logical person, almost flatly so, and look at things from the most objective, logical viewpoint possible. I have spent the past 7 years of my life learning about life from this point of view. This is something that secularists seem to crave, the appearance that that whole crowd puts on suggesting the utmost sophistication and reasoning, like a whole higher class of people. The good majority seem to adore science, a belief that's constantly changing and adapting to new truths, something on which they pride themselves. Following where this is going, one should reasonably assume that evidence in favor of Christianity should lead these open-minded gentlefolk to quickly abandon old thoughts of secularism and consider Christianity, even accept it in the face of things such as historical documents and basic common sense. Yet that doesn't seem to quite work.

But I thought these people had no "faith", that they simply adhered to facts. Why is it, then, that facts and basic logical conclusions would be rejected? That's something they claim I do. What's worse is that in the face of seemingly logical discussion, they will turn around and do the very things they claim Christians do; pulling Bible quotes out of context, turning to ad-hominem and avoiding the facts; simply putting their fingers in their ears and pretending not to acknowledge what is being said; etc. Funny, I don't do that, but every person I debate / debates me does.

It's becoming increasingly clear to me that this is going to be the case every time; that these secularists have no interest in actual logic or learning, that they would rather stick with their blind faith in science and self-righteousness than face facts. It's evident in the nature of every one of these debates that the target here isn't reasonable discussion in their minds, but simply raising themselves up. Just recently, all I did was write one declarative sentence to somebody about religion and without so much as even asking for clarification of what I'd said, the person just called me an idiot. One (not angry) response to their message, and the swearing and unwarranted name-calling began.

So, people don't want reasoned discussion.

Then what exactly do they want?

I bother with this, all of this, this blog, spreading the word of Jesus Christ, debating people, opposing evil forces so vocally, reflecting on our world, discovering the nitty-gritty of truths that I already understood, talking to people online about these subjects when I'm already rather introverted and don't always really enjoy talking to people that much, for precisely two reasons: 1) so that God may be glorified in their worship, and 2) so that they, the people who doubt, may come to truth and know the love and goodness that God has to offer for those who call on Him and His Son, and that these people may be saved and live in eternal peace. I do this for those very purposes, and is why I'm so adamant about it. Hell is real, and I am willing to do so many things to keep people out of it. The problem is, I'm not sure what these unbelievers, who are supposedly open to new ideas, actually want.

In at least most cases:
- logic and reasoning don't work.
- historical documents don't work.
- using science doesn't work. 
- Biblical quotes don't work.
- street preaching doesn't work. (I've never done this and a couple others here personally, but you know.)
- being gentle doesn't work.
- being "part of the crowd" doesn't work.
- humanitarian activity and donating doesn't work. (not that most people really do these to evangelize... but the point still stands.)
- fire and brimstone preaching doesn't work.
- a worldwide network of churches doesn't work.
- inviting people to those churches doesn't work.
- making music that they like (rap/metal/noise/etc) doesn't work.
- door-to-door preaching doesn't work.
- movies about Christianity don't work. 

Even the (heretical!) movements which compromise the actual word of God for the specific purpose of making Christianity look nice to unbelievers don't get a passing glance. (Not that they should, don't get me wrong, they are equally misguided, but the situation proves my point further.)

I mean, sure, these have worked for a few people, but the majority continue to reject them. So if none of the above things will convince anyone, what exactly will?

Every conceivable way of showing you these truths that we have come to understand are met with harsh criticism or indifference.

Don't hesitate at all to tell me, what precisely is it going to take? We don't need God to come show Himself to you or something, because some of us have already proven to you, time and time again, that the truth of God is evident without actually seeing Him.

If you won't take that, then what will you take? I want to keep you out of Hell. We all want to keep you out of Hell. (Except those movements that compromise the Word; they just want a buck!) So what do you want us to do? What more truth do you need? How else can one even prove these points? We shouldn't have to do all of these things to get these simple, logical, reasonable, rational, factual points across in the first place, especially for a world that claims it loves logical thought so much. But if we do, then don't hesitate to tell me, for the sake of my peace of mind, for the sake of God's happiness (He does not take pleasure in condemning people!), and even for the sake of your own soul/life, what else must we do?

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