Friday, January 16, 2015


Something that bothers me a lot is when I don't "sound" as some seem to think Christians should, because of my tone. In fact, I've been mistaken for an atheist. Let me explain.

Society, as it stands, has often come to associate Christians with an air of fantasy, dreaminess, blind adherence, and a willingness to throw logic out the window. As Christians here will know, that is completely untrue. Some may believe for those reasons, but the vast majority of us, of course, don't, and any joy we feel is completely warranted - we will be in Heaven for eternity.

However, a lot of unbelievers don't know this. Many of them still see us as mindless daydreamers whom any human hand can lead astray. So with my cold sense of logic and complete dedication to truth, I feel as if I'm coming across badly.

See, people today are obsessed with "truth", but don't understand what that truth is. Groups everywhere are claiming they've discovered some hidden truths regarding either science or spirituality, but then people forget how simple the truth really is. It's Jesus. People spend so much time searching, I like to say, that they forget to find. What I mean by that is, people spend so much time searching for these hidden truths, they forget to actually acknowledge the truth when it's placed somewhere. Of course I understand that the fact that Christianity is written in a book doesn't inherently validate it, just like the fact that these "hidden truths" come from lesser-known sources doesn't inherently invalidate them. No, what invalidates false teachings is the simple fact that they are wrong. They don't line up with true logic and reasoning like the teachings of Christianity do.

Another reason is when I deny certain spiritual phenomena that the Bible condemns. Mediums are one example. It's occasionally assumed that a Christian should embrace them because they talk about "spirituality" and mention Heaven sometimes. The Bible actually forbids their activities despite their mentioning of Heaven, because they are not communicating with the dead (which is also forbidden!), they are communicating with familiar spirits - demons. It's occultism. I'd dealt with similar spirits before in the past, and have warned against it multiple times here. Just because a topic is spiritual in nature, and just because an idea is spread through imagery that looks "Christian" somehow, doesn't mean that it is truly good in God's eyes, and people should be careful to discern whether it is or not. The best option is to read the Bible, which explains what God wants from us. The second thing you should do (while doing the first one) is praying. Don't pray to idols, either. Pray to God directly. He wants a relationship with you, and praying is a great step toward that.

Through it, the truth will be revealed. Some may speak about it in a more wondrous tone than I do (which is fine, by the way, and encouraged by the Bible), but their disposition obviously doesn't negate the inherent truth of their beliefs. God is real, and God is good.

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