Monday, August 24, 2015

Lyrics 15

A couple words on this page are pretty hard to read. I wrote over a lot of words in this and some of the handwriting is just really bad.

In the dark castle of esotericism
A few peek out the window, and see the blood moon
The blood moon calls out for its creatures
Dark-winged beings encircle it, waiting for the people below
But they won't be answering it tonight
Tonight, their hearts are needed elsewhere
The spell books are burned, wizards' incantation falls flat
The magic won't take any more tonight

Beings of Truth come into the dream
And empty the river, and silence the scream
Crushing the symbols written on the door
The liar moon won't take any more

They stuck to our psyche, left us all alone...
I'm not taking you away, I'm guiding you back home

The visions and dreams of those of the false
Those who light fires and worship the elements
Scented dreams by the book of spells
Those unaware of the way that they lead
Stuck in time, and stuck by the visions
See how, the path you took led to pain
Gentleness waits beyond the wrath of the fire
There's something greater beyond

Light of the Pure, the love you had sought
The compassion in which you were brought
To give it all up, to begin the path out
In the Son shine brighter, no moon here, without

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