Monday, August 24, 2015

Lyrics 16 - "Tenebrae"

I don't remember when I wrote these. On Maundy Thursday one year. These were for a funeral doom project called "Tenebrae" that I never properly started. They're all short, so I'm just going to post the whole thing here.


Through my sins and iniquity
I'm guilty of the shame
That was brought upon this world
But they spat on Jesus' name


For the forgiveness of sins, He died
He suffered on the cross so that we wouldn't have to
All we have to do is accept it and its light
And we will be saved
"Believe in God, believe also in Me."
"Do the will of my Father."
Judgment will come, but because of Christ, mercy can be bestowed on us. We can be forgiven. And join He who lives forever.


A man came to save this Earth
They wanted Him crucified
So they hung Him on a cross
This world's best friend has finally died

The One who loved them the most
They left, to remain misled
So they hung Him on a cross
This world's best friend is finally dead

He wanted to protect them
We wanted to stay in the wrong
No more He's a stumbling block
Your best friend is finally gone.


Do not forget that it is not over. There is still a world out there that needs saving. The same force that put the Son of God on a cross is still out there, attempting to crucify us every day. Go in peace, win in strength, and have faith in God.

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