Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's 2015

When talking about being "progressive", people like to use the phrase "it's 2015". That makes no sense, because time moving forward doesn't inherently necessitate progression. Surely you've heard about the studies done with McDonald's food! That stuff sure isn't changing when you leave it sitting on a countertop for five months.

Besides, others seeking "progression" in society were probably saying similar things back in the 1400s, a time most reading this probably know nearly nothing about because it was already so long ago.

But it also doesn't make sense for a different reason. Now, "slut shaming" is a phrase that exists now. The idea is that according to society, men can have sex as often as they want, but women should not. The Bible addresses this issue by pointing out both genders should abstain until marriage. Some people, however, seek to have this reversed; rather than both genders abstaining, both genders would be allowed to have sex frequently without consequence. The Bible says there are consequences because it's sin, and science says there are consequences because of STDs, but hey, at least there won't be a stigma anymore and it won't be totally embarrassing. So the idea here is that "slut shaming" should stop since "it's 2015". 

People also say this when talking about homosexual relations. We could debate all day about whether the Bible condones same-sex marriage or not, even though it's pretty strongly implied that it doesn't, but one thing the Bible makes undeniably clear is that no matter their marital status, people of the same gender should not have sexual relations. Some people then turn around and say, "It's 2015! They should be allowed to do that if they want."

Now, a quick note here, keep in mind that all of us are sinners, not just the aforementioned groups. God also commands us to love our neighbors and not be unrighteously angry. So do NOT hate a homosexual person or a "slut"; pray for them and show mercy.

But back to the topic at hand; the fact that the Gregorian calendar says it is 2015. In such discussions, sometimes people will also point out that we're "not cavemen". The implication of course is that cavemen are more primitive and we've moved on beyond that. I think we're all aware of the difference between cavemen and today's society. Or are we?

The thinking behind these statements is that since "it's 2015", we shouldn't restrict our moral code to what's in a single text. Sure, that makes sense, unless the text is true. I haven't plugged this post in awhile, so: [Skeptical About Jesus?] There are also constant scientific discoveries being made that the mainstream media doesn't talk about; I'm not about to go track those down, but you can look them up if that'd interest you. But I personally don't use science to defend anything.

The guidance of the Holy Spirit guides us to a more civilized state; I used to get in fistfights with other people. I don't do that anymore. I used to curse like a sailor (as the expression goes). I don't do that anymore; still a word comes out once in awhile, but I've pretty much stopped. I used to hate most of the world and tell people to "go to Hell". I don't do that anymore, either.

So my behavior used to be quite primitive. It's also more "primitive" to seek the right to have sex with multiple people, or people of the same gender, or anything other than what God ordains. On one hand, people will complain that by saying this, I'm "repressing their natural desires". While on the other hand, they'll say that "it's 2015 and [I] need to stop living in the dark ages".

Well, for one thing, I stopped living in the "dark ages" when I stopped fighting people because they did things I didn't like, which pretty much characterized the dark ages in mainstream memory. But that's beside the point. The two aforementioned statements are contradictory. "Progression" in society wouldn't necessitate un-Biblical freedom with regard to sex; it'd necessitate a more reserved and controlled take on it.

It's 2015; we're not cavemen!

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