Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Note: I edited this post a bit.

I find myself concerned about the Jews in the world, and especially in Israel. The Bible states very clearly (John 14:6) that the only way for any human to obtain salvation is through Jesus, and today's Judaism doesn't accept Jesus.

I also still don't like that Israel today uses a hexagram ("star of David") on their flag. From my understanding, that symbol has no link at all to David. It's certainly not mentioned in the Bible unless, as some interpret Amos 5, God was warning against it when talking about "the star of your god". It doesn't help that the symbol is even more closely associated with witchcraft.

I know it's called the "star of David" today,  but its origins should be a pretty big warning sign. Certainly it doesn't belong on Israel's flag.

We should pray for them. And evangelize, if possible. But also pray for them.

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