Friday, March 13, 2015

Lyrics 3

More stuff from the notebook. A line or two has been altered.

Concerning the past few years,
The evil one has found yet another way to deceive the people through lies, humanity's newly-found interest in New-Age spirituality has left a door open for false visions to enter in; false visions and false prophecies are nothing new, for these were even happening in the days before Elijah's birth. However, visions of strangeness are being spread on Earth as invariable truth. Black metal, along with other spiritually-oriented media, have spoken lately of chaotic dimensions of death, where arcane prophecies supposedly come forth. These are perceived by the individual and occasionally others as invariable truth.

The Word of God is invariable truth, because lying is a sin, and as sin is counterproductive to God's commands, all prophecies not from Him are not true. [Therefore,] the dark dimensions spoken of in modern pagan beliefs are lies.

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