Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lyrics 7

I wrote another post a few minutes ago below this one. Please read that as well.

When Jesus came into the world, He did so with good intentions, so that the world may be saved, but they continued in their evil ways. The light they wanted was shining right in front of them, but because their deeds were exposed, they fought against Him rather than repenting.
He taught, and they reviled.
He prayed, and they rebelled.
He loved, and they hated.
He healed, and they accused Him. 
He showed them the light, and they mocked Him.
He showed them how to go to Heaven, and they planned to kill Him. 
He spoke, and they drove Him out of cities.
He protected the sheep, and they ran away.
He died, and they laughed.
He saved us from our sins, and we pretend not to hear Him.
How much longer will it continue?

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