Thursday, March 19, 2015


I had a thought yesterday. So the Bible continues to be the top-selling book each year, which is good! It'd be better if more people took the time to understand what was in it when they bought it, but there you go.

My concern, however, is that some people may mistake this as completely unalterable evidence for Christianity. It's certainly encouraging that even in a world where people can be so greedy as to own mansions and entire garages of cars, and feel justified in it, God's word continues to ring through, but this kind of thing can lead to confusion.

God can guide us to purchase Bibles, and certainly if He really wanted to, He could just force us to, but He doesn't force us to. He guides us. It's our choice whether to buy them or not. Now, I don't think the book of Revelation touches on book sales in any way, but the events described in it certainly suggest a period of time when the Bible won't be at the top of the best-selling lists. Of course, that period of time will end one day, and evil will be defeated in the end, but in the meantime, things are going to look pretty rough for awhile. The point is, we can't take earthly things like book sales and use them as evidence. It's this kind of misguided thinking and assumption-making that causes people to think that unpleasant experiences must be "God abandoning them", or something. (See link)

Again, it's humankind's choice to buy Bibles. Evidence in regard to the purchase of a Bible is somebody who reads the Bible they purchased, and learns from its word. The changes they experience inside would be the evidence. If sales for it were to drop, it would only be the devil tempting people, like he always does. It's an earthly numerical figure. It's important to discern things like this. People often get confused over human perception, vs the actual truths implied by Christianity. If anything, if sales were to ever drop, that would probably be a good sign for us to turn to God even more. See?

Approach this subject prayerfully.
God bless you all, according to His perfect will. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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