Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lyrics 2

More stuff from the notebook. Last one for today. Now we're getting into the good stuff with this post, lyrics from a project from 2014 that I never really got going. Less formatted, but way more worth reading. Here's the first one:

Modernism is a corruption of traditional values; heresy under the guise of progress. The basic instincts of the human mind lead us to seek pleasure and comfort, and convenience only plays it up. Stating that humans are endowed with intellect, they say that we have risen above that instinct. In actuality, we've only fallen victim more to them, as those superficial dreams are realized, and life becomes a dead end for those who seek nothing greater.

Success, wealth, prosperity, they are the dreams for which our many ancestors with Earth in mind have strived! Yet in achieving them, we fail all of them. Only in giving up self, therefore, can we achieve the desire to succeed, and the Lord our God has pledged many times to help us to achieve it, with a cry louder than any TV or phone.

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