Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lyrics 6

I wrote this at the top of the page in the notebook: Matthew 10:41-42, 18:1-4, 10-14, 19:13-15, 23:37-38

Sadness at the blackened compassionlessness of man; corrupting our youth for a measly dollar. 

Selling out our youth in deception and carelessness, leaving them open to be taken by the foe, you start up industries and trends, promoting materialism, killing the spirit within; riding on them is the disgusting image of your own agendas, riding on youth to back your sinister desires. 

Ruining the integrity of our children, you leave them exposed to wolves, by adhering to society for the purpose of inoffensiveness, and indifference, and disgust in the name of evil. 
Distorting the truth of ancient, you deceive the innocent by infecting them with plague, subliminally ruining them, leaving our future dead. You drag society down to its lowest level to fulfill your wicked purposes, and target our children to make it happen. 

Woe to the one who puts a stumbling block before these little ones; it would be better for you if a millstone were tied around your neck and you were drowned in the sea. 

The media is satanic, and will not rest until children are fully in their claws. We who watch them introduce them to a Being who wishes to embrace them, to care for them, to warm their souls anew, the heavenly Father, and we will resist all else until all else is gone.

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